thread There's all sorts of mysterious things in my case
including light meters and filters, and a filter cutter, lots of gadgets and cables, etc...

but at Dubai airport, they just confiscated an almost-finished roll of insulating tape, telling me that it's "Not allowed on planes".

permalink I'm having a fun time
having had my first ever epileptic fit in the states and another when i came back.. all fun and games. It gives you an odd fuzzy amnesia for a bit that is not actually unpleasant.

but I can't drive and it's taking a whilet to sort out doctors things.

permalink Blimey.
Hope you’re ok!
permalink crikey
have you got insurance?
permalink they are paying for the american stuff
permalink shit!
I hope you're being looked after!
permalink amy is doing a sterling job... i think she's more worried about it than me.
it's honesltly quite enjoyable in some regards as you suddenly remember about mates you've not thought of in ages.. either because you haven't seen them in ages (and now remember about them) or you just forgot about them.
permalink Had you had any inkling you may
be susceptible though? Bolt out of the blue otherwise :/
permalink Completely out of the blue
.. most odd.

I now also have this thing where I can look at a crowd of people and have the odd feeling I recognise them.
permalink Fuck,
that's all pretty shit. Except for the interesting bits obvs.
permalink By the way
Sue says she gets this afterwards too. She also gets feeling/seeing flashbacks to being in the fit and will suddenly get a few seconds of terror.
permalink none of that so far thankfully.

permalink christ on a bike,
how weird. 'Rah for Amy!
permalink If you have another one
(which I hope you don't) I'll get it on video and then you'll know why!
permalink hopefully you'll be in bed and get a free
vibra-mattress experience ;)
permalink crikey
permalink Oh Jebus, that's not good
Hope you're feeling better and the not driving thing doesn't fuck things up too much
permalink that's terrifying.. good job you weren't driving
permalink Today, I are mostly be,
shitting through the eye of a needle.

I am having a camera stuffed up my hole tomorrow, and from lunch time today will be not only nil by mouth, but also taking very powerful laxatives, to make sure the pipes are nice and clear. Fortunately, the sedatives they give you shortly before the (w)hole unpleasant business kicks off are ALL teh lovely, so I won't notice it going on. Last time I had it, there was a large gap between being wheeled into the camera-up-the-hole room and coming to an hour later, sitting in the discharge room (ugh, couldn't they have come up with a slightly less icky name for it than that?), fully dressed, all giggly and stoned, albeit with a sore bum.
permalink Fucking
permalink You currently
Walking like John Wayne?

Hope you're feeling better, and yes, the discharge room really isn't the best name, is it?
permalink Went to bed last night
in underpants and trackies, having spent the day pissing with my arse
permalink yay for bum control
permalink what you don't want is the one that goes down your throat.. minimal sedatives
just a weak numbing spray
and the pipes that go down or not like the ones in 'House GP' those being the size of a pencil..
real life it's more like a dyno-rod thing and the closest to being waterboarded i hope i ever get
permalink 90nz0 had one that you swallowed
that passed right through you then you download the footage.
permalink Turned out OK in the end.
I'd been given a bum deal with the appointment forms, and just had a sigmoidoscopy, which just up up to the first turn, instead of a colonoscopy, which goes all the way to the other side. But I'd already been given a colonoscopy's worth of sedatives, so I drifted my way through it, all wrapped in fluffy clouds made of love. Came to in the waiting room, fully dressed, fiddling with my phone and drinking coffee. The very fact that I was hugely enjoying a cup of manky instant coffee attests to the strength of the sedatives. Am home now, smoking more cigarettes than is usual and still feeling a bit nicely buzzy.