thread amy is doing a sterling job... i think she's more worried about it than me.
it's honesltly quite enjoyable in some regards as you suddenly remember about mates you've not thought of in ages.. either because you haven't seen them in ages (and now remember about them) or you just forgot about them.
permalink Had you had any inkling you may
be susceptible though? Bolt out of the blue otherwise :/
permalink Completely out of the blue
.. most odd.

I now also have this thing where I can look at a crowd of people and have the odd feeling I recognise them.
permalink Fuck,
that's all pretty shit. Except for the interesting bits obvs.
permalink By the way
Sue says she gets this afterwards too. She also gets feeling/seeing flashbacks to being in the fit and will suddenly get a few seconds of terror.
permalink none of that so far thankfully.

permalink christ on a bike,
how weird. 'Rah for Amy!
permalink If you have another one
(which I hope you don't) I'll get it on video and then you'll know why!
permalink hopefully you'll be in bed and get a free
vibra-mattress experience ;)