thread An hour until my flight from amsterdam to stansted is scheduled to leave
unfrotunately it wont leave until 20 past midnight.

as much as Schipol is by far the best large airport in western europe... I really could live without this right now.

I'm not even on the corportate travel budget any more so i can't just go and get a hotel room or similar.

permalink Well that was sort of lucky
Turns out I haven't changed any of my clocks. Good not to miss the flight by an hour and also good to have an hour less to wait
permalink Errrr good?
I think you still had an hour to spare.
permalink I think my flight today from Westport was probably more fun!
I like flights where you can see into the cockpit and read all the instruments whilst flying. Plus we had a nice view today, unlike the massive rainstorm we flew over in on Monday
permalink Yeah
They've just closed the door on his flight now. From what I can tell he'll be entitled to £15 compensation so cover the cost of refreshments.
permalink And I guess it's not really
a day trip any more!
permalink Well it more more literally a day trip
in that Al was up for 22 hours.
permalink and him with his brain and everything...
stuff that for a game of soldiers.
permalink That is approximately what I said
when I picked him up at 2am.
permalink Hello
From new job.
Can’t stay long. I like it! But I also barely know what my job is yet.
permalink Yay!
I hope you still like it when you know what it is!
permalink helleur new job
and new peoples and new stuffs. Hopefully there is still much woo and yay after a month.
permalink Wifi? Tea? Coffee?
Fruit? Window? Arseholes? These are the things inquiring minds want to know about.
permalink nice one
but keep frosty
permalink the CTB been cut was really at the worst time
i hope they weren't connected.. you really could have done with a rest
permalink ??
permalink ??
permalink corporate travel budget ( - was that the confusion?)
anyway i hope you're feeling better and have some time to recuperate
permalink the budget wasn't really cut
it's just that i started paying it myself (i've set up on my own)

but not connected as far as i can tell.

permalink oh yeah i forgot you set up on your own
will this impact on your possibilities/insurance e&?
permalink hopefully not too much
but inevitably a little.

permalink I went to Reading today
permalink Having lived in Reading
for 3½ years, I find this hard to understand. Although, there seem to have been hats involved
permalink The Museum of English Rural Life
(at the university) went big on the twitters this week with pictures of "absolute unit" cattle, sheep and pigs. Great content. Top engagement.

So I figured I'd go check it out. Nice museum, interesting content well presented.

But in Reading.
permalink Ah yes
I did see the buff sheep pic
permalink Did you bum
permalink On Monday it's 20 years since I first met
permalink 20 years ago i started my first year out placement at uni
which was in the south of spain... that was fun.
permalink ...
I was half way through high school
permalink I was ¾ through
my Ph.D. In, as it happens, Reading.
permalink I thought
you did geology
permalink Badum
and indeed, tisch!

I did, although that did involve plenty of reading in Reading
permalink Which is where the lovely MissPrism now does her genetics
permalink It's only 15 since I met Mrs C
But tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary. Sadly I am in Wellington, and she is in Brisbane. ANZAC Day in a few weeks' time (25th) will however mark our 10 years in NZ. So we'll probably save going for a big slap up meal till then
permalink Just back from dinner
to celebrate our 4th
permalink blimey you've been there for ten years!
i remember having some go away drinks with you jeffna mizemma C_I and a bunch of other scoundrels ;)
permalink Yes!
I remember that too. The brain isn't totally shot yet...
permalink Indeed.
I just have trouble parsing that that was all 10 years ago. Jebus!