thread On Monday it's 20 years since I first met
permalink 20 years ago i started my first year out placement at uni
which was in the south of spain... that was fun.
permalink ...
I was half way through high school
permalink I was ¾ through
my Ph.D. In, as it happens, Reading.
permalink I thought
you did geology
permalink Badum
and indeed, tisch!

I did, although that did involve plenty of reading in Reading
permalink Which is where the lovely MissPrism now does her genetics
permalink It's only 15 since I met Mrs C
But tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary. Sadly I am in Wellington, and she is in Brisbane. ANZAC Day in a few weeks' time (25th) will however mark our 10 years in NZ. So we'll probably save going for a big slap up meal till then
permalink Just back from dinner
to celebrate our 4th
permalink blimey you've been there for ten years!
i remember having some go away drinks with you jeffna mizemma C_I and a bunch of other scoundrels ;)
permalink Yes!
I remember that too. The brain isn't totally shot yet...
permalink Indeed.
I just have trouble parsing that that was all 10 years ago. Jebus!