thread I thought you cyclists shaved everything
An aerodynamic scrotum must surely be an advantage.

Let's face it, if you can shave your face without cutting it to ribbons, you should be able to shave any other bit.
permalink I've only once shaved my legs
I don't think I'll do that again, it was OK whilst shaved but growing back wasn't fun
permalink Once you start shaving any given bit of skin... have to stick with it.
permalink that doesn't seem to apply to
the face. I swing wildly between clean shaven and beardy.

With shaving legs, the pressing issue was where to draw the line, so to speak.
permalink When shaving one's ballbag,
you don't want to shave too far into the barse, as it can get incredibly itchy. I tend to leave the last inch or two of ballbag unshaven.
permalink If you think that
your face must be a lot more wrinkled than mine.
permalink it's mainly for ease of cuts and scratches
the aero is bollox.. in my team at uni we had 'the wholly mammoth'
who was built like hooy and just a mess of blonde hair
shaved from the crotch down looked hilarious but saved him lots of trouble