thread I have actually got 5 days in the office this week
It's been weeks since I did that. It's going to be a shock!
permalink can you imagine most people do that every day every week
no let up.. i know you guys complain about travel but at least you get out
permalink shudder
permalink i think it's been proven that people do 3hrs actual work in an 8hr day
in front of a screen
i know i could do monday half day wednesday then full on friday
it's not that computers have sped things up.. people are just sloooow
permalink Fuck's sake no,
it's the other way around here. I generally do seven or eight 7.5hr days worth of work per week, Monday to Friday. The other Associate in my team and I sat down this morning and did some maths, and we reckon that between the two of us we have eight CAD Technician days to get 26 days worth of CAD done by end of play Wednesday next week, with no borrowing of techs from other teams.
permalink Other ways to earn a living are available
permalink Ones that don’t pay as well,
permalink i do believe there is a gene in java 'developers'
to be the laziest sods on earth
permalink I am zipping off ot amsterdam again, then Gibraltar next week.
i've gone and bought myself an easyjet plus card... speedy boarding all the way.

in more depressing news, i clicked on a link to an old comedy blog i used to read a lot, not seen it in ages and it's turned into an ongoing account of the poor chaps losing battle with cancer.

permalink blimey I remember that
...and I don't think it's ongoing, I'm afraid
permalink Yeah that post
is more than a year old :(
permalink oh yeah.. confused my dates.
I must have seen this before and forgot about it.

permalink Oh :-(
Weren't they a b3tan? Bugger.
permalink I think he was.
permalink fucking hell
that's brightened up my morning...