thread Hello from teh North!
My Dad's been in hospital after a fall and came out yesterday along with a new package of carers visiting a surprising 4 times a day so I've come up to help for a few days. Must say the stay in hosp has done him the power of good.

I'd forgotten how much I didn't like that drive any more after doing it twice a week for 3.5 years. My sister's house has a bottle opener though so all is good. Chin chin!
permalink Chinchilla*
*raises mug of coffe*

Hope your Dad is doing better!

*thickest fur in the animal kingdom, ladies and gentlemen
permalink He's doing as well as can be expected
for a nearly 90yo who's been in hospital for a month. He's eating well which is good, much better than I saw him doing a few months ago.
permalink I am on the Eurostar, I always like being the first person to board a train for some reason
Though I got to kings cross underground at 6.10 so I really could have had another 15 minutes in bed, took longer to get my m&s croissant than to get through security and passport control.

permalink These new Eurostar trains are extremely underwhealming
Though you get to play a game of hunt the Power socket.. as they announce that every seat has one and it is extremely non-obvious where they are... And using one with a neighbour you don't know is very awkward.
permalink Are you going to tell us where they are,
or do we have to guess?

Also please text Phil.
permalink They are between the seats sort of underneath your knee/thigh
And completely un-seeable from the seating position so plug insertion not only involves groping you neighbour it requires a lot of guesswork or sticking of fingers in sockets.

And don't get me started on the footrests.

I'm now in a much more comfortable TGV at gare de Lyon where the sockets are more logically placed
permalink So far, so smooth.
Did you have to get some kind of confusing metro?
permalink D line dead easy, 2 stops
permalink GAH! Of course my bulky EU to UK+usb adaptor thing
Doesn't blood fit in it.

Famous last words. Plus the guy next to me smells a bit and there is a baby sitting behind me.

Train 2 of 4 today (plus 2 metro/tubes)
permalink Well that's Dijon visited
Seems pretty... I'm KEEN to come back... Hur Hur.

I've now added a taxi and a tram to my list
permalink Bonus tram!
permalink Also bought what is either first or second lunch
Depending on whether my Paris snack was second breakfast or early lunch.

Phil is up for feeding the cat
permalink Good.
Does that put you en route to Nevers/Lyon?
permalink He's been to paradise...
But ne's never been to, er, Nevers?
permalink Yep
Lyon... Train 3.
permalink Tren Numero cat
The local lingo is rubbing off on me.

permalink The dirty buggers.
permalink La chat de ma tante
Est dans le abre
permalink I now seem to have arrived in the ghost town of
Clermont ferrand.

What's assention day?
permalink The day
When assent was given? Or more likely ascension day? Jebus up to heaven or some such like?
permalink maybe it's assertion day
where you are really sure about everything
permalink I've not been in Clermond Ferrand
since the 70s. I hope he's recovered.
permalink it seems quite nice.
permalink Fuck Virgin Australia
That is all. I could have stayed in bed another 2½ hours
permalink I'm at a small conference
It's rather good.
permalink Is it a conference on the concept of miniaturisation
permalink In a couple of hours I will be in Wigan
for a whole 9 minutes
permalink That's an unusually long time,
or an unusually short time, depending on how you look at it.
permalink Barely enough time
for the open-top bus tour
permalink Probably time enough for the "Best of Wigan" tour
rather than the "All of Wigan" tour...
permalink We can stay, at the holiday inn express I opened

permalink That's long enough for most people.
permalink Tell you what though,
a pint, a Jamesons and a spliff and all is right with the world
permalink I'm trying the alternative formulation of
putting slippers on, having a beer and sending off a nice juicy invoice while amy cooks a nice stew thing.

getting back on ryanair completely unscathed was also a bonus.
permalink I read that
as 'a pint of Jamesons and a spliff'. Which was nice.
permalink Shane McGowan's breakfast?
Great name for a band