thread Bonus tram!
permalink Also bought what is either first or second lunch
Depending on whether my Paris snack was second breakfast or early lunch.

Phil is up for feeding the cat
permalink Good.
Does that put you en route to Nevers/Lyon?
permalink He's been to paradise...
But ne's never been to, er, Nevers?
permalink Yep
Lyon... Train 3.
permalink Tren Numero cat
The local lingo is rubbing off on me.

permalink The dirty buggers.
permalink La chat de ma tante
Est dans le abre
permalink I now seem to have arrived in the ghost town of
Clermont ferrand.

What's assention day?
permalink The day
When assent was given? Or more likely ascension day? Jebus up to heaven or some such like?
permalink maybe it's assertion day
where you are really sure about everything
permalink I've not been in Clermond Ferrand
since the 70s. I hope he's recovered.
permalink it seems quite nice.