thread I can't remember if we're post, post-ironic or just ironic these days
but Eurovision is bollocks.
permalink I'd have loved
Winny Puuh to win it in 2013 though, that would've shit 'em right up.
permalink aaaand
it's been won by the most politically awkward entrant.
permalink I don't know,
It's still a mystery to me how (and why) they let us (Australia) in to it.
And strangely my neighbour was our entrant.
permalink the winner
did service, before joining the IDF, in a sort of paramilitary.cadet corps aligned to the IDF and with a history based in the settlement program.
permalink You lot get in because
one of your brodcasters has an HQ in Europe, it's nowt to do with being a european country.
permalink because you pay huge sums for the TV rights.
eurovision is actually an organisation set up to promote co-ordination of broadcast standards and such..
permalink Yup
Went to a eurovision party a few years back. Maybe 3 or 4 songs can be enjoyed as camp or ironic or glam, the rest is just an endless swathe of shit and not in the 'so bad it's good' sense. Not being snooty, I was just bored.
permalink I went to an excellent Eurovision party
last night. Have very little memory of any of the songs (The Slovenia one was OK though), but it was a great evening; lots of drinking, eating lovely food, sarcasm, invective and casual racism. Really really did not want Israel to win, on political grounds as much as musical.
permalink I didn't see any of it, despite being in that Australia when it happened.
I think to be fair, I was going for a long run on Sat morning, which, frankly, seems like a better use of time these days. But each to their post-post-pre-post-ironic ways!

I currently feel as bright tailed and bushy eyed as you'd expect from someone who landed at 0030 this morning, and after faffing with bags, passport control, car parks and driving home, didn't get to bed till nigh on 2 am. Yay Monday morning!
permalink Indeed
My mad Swedish mates ran the production again though. I always like seeing what toys they have.

5mW generator farm in the car park, 220 tonnes of kit flown off the ceiling, about 39km of cable.. 2650 lights in the rig...

Fun, fun, fun. Shit music though.
permalink 220 tonnes is pretty chunky...

5mW isn't completely insane, thanks i guess to LED lighting... at full load, that should be around 350 gallons of diesel per hour.. which is about half of a boeing 737. (do not put diesel in a boeing 737 if you are filling one up)

permalink Yeah they run on unleaded.
permalink Yup
All those gennys were feeding distro panels that handled 8000A each.

20km of fibre for the 8Gb/s backbone network...
permalink 5mW
seems very small. Even a AA can outperform that
permalink Oops
MW, obvs.

Just as well as I wasn't specing the genny farm. The Spinal Tap Stonehenge of gennerator farms.
permalink The m/M milli/mega thing in SI
is a fucking terrible thing, tbh.
permalink I mean it shouldn't be possible to be out by a factor of
one million simply by a capitalisation typo
permalink Most units named after people have their name, and a capital letter abbreviation
Except poor old Ohm, who gets an omega. Or maybe lucky old Ohm. I don't know, but it's annoyingly inconsistent.

Also lm which is the abbreviation for lumen, looks like 1m, ie one metre, when written. Etc, Etc.
permalink although Ohm's unit is written as

Because all SI and SI derived units are lower case when written out, regardless of the unit symbol, apart from, oddly, "degree Celcius"
permalink then there's the fuckery
where the kilogram is the base unit but all the prefixes are as if the gram is, and all the prefixes are written out lower case even though mega upwards are capital letters are symbols and bafflelingly micro gets μ
permalink IT's all greek to me :/
permalink Of course, you could argue that the true SI measure of temperature
was the Kelvin, not the °C
permalink well yes
the kelvin is the SI unit, the degree Celcius is a valid derived unit.