thread All this Gammon stuff
just makes me think of that pic of theBear when he'd run a marathon.
permalink every Christmas my mother in law insists on buying us a massive lump of gammon
which we eat about 3 slices of then throw away. she won't take no for an answer, so every bloody year, 3 tonnes of gammon.

"you can slice it and freeze it and eat it in sandwiches". until fucking July.

nice of her to think of us, but I think we'd both prefer her to take a passing interest in her grandchild. also, her partner is gammon.

blimey, that was pent up. carry on.
permalink At least she doesn't boil the grandchild,
freeze them, and serve them up in sandwiches until July
permalink these fucking joints are bigger than the 4-year-old
I know pigs are big, but jesus...
permalink My mum always does gammon on Christmas Eve, with mash and peas,
and Turkey on the big day. Then on Boxing Day we have some slices of the meat cold and use the rest in a cheaters' quiche which is always ALL the delicious.
permalink I like it
it's just the sheer quantity.
permalink I had gammon in a pub recently
that came with pineapple salsa. It was excellent.

Feel free to redirect your Christmas gammon my way.
permalink pineapple salsa?
oh the humanity.
permalink I think cowjam is right.
It sounds excellent. I trade gingerbread or sausages.
permalink Back in the mists of time
when all the grandparents & assorted extended family came round for Xmas dinner, my mom used to make a massive turkey and a huge gammon.

She still does it, despite the fact that time has massively reduced the numbers. Luckily, I love cold meat leftovers.

Also they're getting grandchildren now, so the numbers are going up.
permalink Crikey!
Better out than in, mind you!
permalink Today I find myself in Berlin
If my back holds out, I don't fall asleep or get permanently lost in the maze of Berlin's transport system I intend to consume some weighty pork products around dinner time.

I've just realised that at least one of you cretins live in this town.. if you fancy a EU sanctioned volume of beer later please make yourself known.. I'm staying a bit left on the centre and up a bit
permalink Hello from the centre and down a bit!
I should very much like to join you for a Maß or two, but sadly tonight I cannot.
permalink Cest la vie
As they might say around here
permalink The people of Berlin seem to lack umbrellas
It's chucking it down but loads of people are just getting soaked.
permalink That was my impression of Edinburgh.
Maybe it's a hipster thing.
permalink Or a tourist thing
permalink or, like Glasgow,
umbrellas are pointless because of the wind that normally accompanies the rain
permalink See also Wellington
You can tell the tourists, they're the ones gallantly trying to use those pointy things. The locals just wear good raincoats*

*or get very wet, should they be of the species Homo Hipsterensis
permalink You can do an impression of Edinburgh?
All of it?
permalink And next...
permalink someone with more time and inclination than me should crunch the numbers
with this
and this

thiking about this

and blame texaco for brexit.
permalink I just hope when they eventually make a film of
the utter clusterfuck that Brexit is, they get Pedro Almodóvar to direct it. He can call it:

Gammon Gammon
permalink That would work better if
That wasn't already the actual translation.

permalink Jesus
Tough crowd in tonight...

permalink Or if Almodovar had directed Jamon Jamon
permalink Didn't he?
Oh FFS. I give up
permalink Nope, sorry.
But easy to confuse; lots of dysfunctional people having dysfunctional sex, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, of course you'd think it was an Almodovar.