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Are Noise cancelling headphones really worth it? i was thinking about getting a pair for all my flying around the place, but when i try them in dixons they dont seem THAT great, but i wonder if they are better on a more constant noises etc

and my preference is usually for ear-buds ant there seem to be few of that breed. I've tried the sennheisser H|D4.50 and they seem pretty good.. but are they £120 good?


the perils of spending 4.5 hours in north terminal. LGW
permalink I've asked my other forum too.
permalink You've been seeing other forums??
Don't you love us any more?
permalink I can just squeeze it in
around the hectic pace of this place
permalink I used to have a pairt of Sony noise-cancelling buds
Brilliant on planes.
permalink I briefly used something
similar in one of the datacentres I used to work in and chucked them because yes they took away the server noise but the result was all I could hear was my heartbeat which while comforting to know the ol' ticker was still going ended up being very disconcerting and offputting.
permalink None of these seemed nearly that good
But I guess in a noisy Dixon's (which I just realised still exist in airports only) and with demonstration models that have probably been messed around with... Perhaps it wasn't ideal

permalink For budget, apparently Samsung
permalink They're good with steady, constant noises like planes
Not so much with people talking noises because they're constantly changing
permalink I was also sceptical
But having just treated myself to a very flash pair of Bose ones for my birthday, they are brilliant. IMHO, of course, YMMV.

I was wearing them about the office listening to 6Records, and was funny, as when I took them off, you suddenly notice all the background noise in the office that you didn't before. Great on planes too. Plus it was my first upgrade to bluetooth ones, so no getting strangled by cables too
permalink I like fannying about with those
noise modulation apps at work. This one is quite a laugh:- Makes the cunt four desks away with the stupidest fucking laugh sound like washes of harmonising synths. If you like that sort of thing.
permalink Is there a
moar cowbell setting?
permalink No,
but there should be.
permalink Yes
They're great. Made regular flights so civilized, wouldn't go back if I could help it