thread Peter Stringfellow
was once asked to move tables at Maze restaurant, at my behest initially. We were half way through a large and very expensive tasting menu when he took the next table with his granddaughter*, and such were the choking fumes of aftershave that wafted off him that first I, then several other tables complained. He was moved to a distant table, but you could still smell the fucker.

*May not have been his granddaughter
permalink Always was a bit unwholesome
Weird bloke.
permalink Good to see b3ta
being tasteful as always;-
permalink Some corkers
in there. I couldn't look at work earlier.
permalink dunno, I reckon that makes you sound worse than him
the hair was a bit much, but he seems to have basically beaten off (so to speak) the whole of 1970s Soho to get rich.
permalink Nah, I'm just a cunt.
He's a cunt's cunt.
permalink I'm all for calling folks cunts at the drop of a twat
but asking someone to move cos you can't breathe due to excess stink is hardly cunty. Especially when that cunts a cunt like the Fellow of String
permalink May the lord have mercy
on Stringy Pete
permalink hahaha

(message ends)
permalink Just be careful
In Millets
permalink That tune was playing yesterday
as I drove round The Shade roundabout in Soham with me shouting that line to anyone who'd listen :D
permalink It was all anyone could smell.
And when you're paying £100 for a tasting menu of exquisite beauty prepared by Sarge himself, you want to be able to taste it.

There are plenty of other reasons Stringfellow was a cunting cunt's cunt, but this time it's personal.
permalink A rather more sad celebrity death;
Anthony Bourdain has died. I had a lot of time for him.
permalink No way?
Shit. I liked him enormously.
permalink And suicide apparently???
permalink Yeah,
a terribly sad way to go.

permalink I'm genuinely sad about that one
Glad I got to eat at Les Halles.

His Les Halles cookbook was one of the first things my now wife bought as a birthday present when we started going out. Holiday reading list has had a book added to it, Kitchen Confidential top of the list now.
permalink Kitchen Confidential is brilliant
Hilarious, bonkers, fast-paced, drug-fuelled lunacy.
permalink This.
Very much this. Apparently he wrote it because he had to stop cheffing because his knees were fucked.
permalink And now getting slightly tearful, FFS.
OK, here's a thing. Let's have you. What celeb deaths have you been tearful about?

Me? Pricess Diana, Neil Armstrong, Andy Williams, David Bowie
permalink Bowie, John Peel
Can't think of many others tbh. Definitely not Di. I was so glad to leave the country for a week the day after
permalink Fuck yeah,
John Peel too
permalink Pratchett, Bowie,
Prince, Pratchett.
permalink Ah, yes
Sir Pterry and also Douglas Adams
permalink and Peel.
permalink John Peel.
I didn't know Neil Armstrong was dead.

Pratchett made me sad, as did Ian Banks.
permalink Actually yes
Iain M Banks in particular. The fact there'd never be another Culture novel hurt
permalink Yeah.
His last novel was fine (the one with teh guy dying of cancer), but I'd have loved to read more Culture stuff.
permalink very sad especially for his daughter
permalink Just received a parcel for MrsJam
addressed to a name she used when we met. She's out, and I'm incredibly curious to know who sent it.

Edit: It was something she'd ordered off ebay.