thread This.
Very much this. Apparently he wrote it because he had to stop cheffing because his knees were fucked.
permalink And now getting slightly tearful, FFS.
OK, here's a thing. Let's have you. What celeb deaths have you been tearful about?

Me? Pricess Diana, Neil Armstrong, Andy Williams, David Bowie
permalink Bowie, John Peel
Can't think of many others tbh. Definitely not Di. I was so glad to leave the country for a week the day after
permalink Fuck yeah,
John Peel too
permalink Pratchett, Bowie,
Prince, Pratchett.
permalink Ah, yes
Sir Pterry and also Douglas Adams
permalink and Peel.
permalink John Peel.
I didn't know Neil Armstrong was dead.

Pratchett made me sad, as did Ian Banks.
permalink Actually yes
Iain M Banks in particular. The fact there'd never be another Culture novel hurt
permalink Yeah.
His last novel was fine (the one with teh guy dying of cancer), but I'd have loved to read more Culture stuff.