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I see Manley the mod has been looking after things well in my absence

Best Holiday Ever. The landscape of Scotland with the weather of Greece. I list the details here not in smuggery (ok, partly in smuggery) but because there's a couple of people here who have either been to/up some of these places or would like to. And it was ace.

24th May: PhD viva, get home and load up car and head to music festival in Galloway for 4 days. Continuous sun, much beer. Back home for 1 night.
29th: Pick up hire car, fill with camping equipment, head to Cairngorms, pull off the A9 at sunset to a campsite in Glenfeshie.
30th: Sgor Gaioth (1118m) - thermometer hits 30C on the way up
31st: Drive to Applecross via the coastal (wuss) road. Still sunny.
1st June: Coastal walk (in roasting heat) to the abandoned village of Airigh-Drishaig which we discover is actually being unabandoned by one man and his dog. Cool off in mountain stream. Seals and seal pups barking and squeaking in the bay.
2nd: Entire sweltering day spent sitting outside the Applecross Inn eating seafood and drinking their 3.7% session ale
3rd: Pack up, drive through the Bealach Na Ba and northwards to do the twin peaks of Beinn Alligin (922m and 986m). Zero wind and pounding sun. Descend knackered and spend the night in the terrifying midge hell that is Torridon Campsite.
4th: flee and continue north to the amazing campsite at Badrallach (max 12 tents, 8 miles along a dead end singletrack that is itself off a very minor road). Apart from a group that turns up on the last night, the place is almost empty all week.
5th: Coastal cliff walk to the isolated alternative/eco-village of Scoraig (home to Hugh Piggott of off-grid wind turbine fame). OTTERS! Spend half an hour watching a pair canoodling in Little Loch Broom, before they duck off to go make otter pups.
6th: Take my wife up the Fannaichs. Sgurr Breac (999m) and A Chailleach (997m). Still roasting, still hasn't rained at all. Walking across completely dry bogs and drained lochans. Air so still mayflys are worse than the midges.
7th: Rest day, whereby we end up helping out an elderly Canadian biker called Ed who is straight out of Northern Exposure. His Goldwing has expired in a fit of rust and he needs to get to Orkney, but is a bit deaf and confused and doesn't seem to realise the campsite bunkhouse is nearly an hour's drive from the nearest bus stop and it's a lot harder to get there than he thinks. We take him to the tourist information in Ullapool to get him sorted.
8th: Drop off Ed first thing to get the bus to Dingwall, then head up into Assynt and up Cul Mor (849m) - amazing hill. Not a hint of cloud- incredible views of pretty much every mountain range of NW Scotland. Brief side-pilgrimage to Knockan Crags (one for Scoff). Watch the sunset on the campsite beach while being snorted at by a young stag with velvet still on its antlers.
Today - See the weather warning, hastily pack the tent back up as the clouds approach, and head back down the A9 through apocalyptic thunderstorms and hail. And now home to discover the effects of not emptying the fruit bowl before we left.

I am very very very very brown. Did I mention it didn't rain for 2 weeks? In Scotland? This makes up for all our previously ruined holiday attempts up here. I have about a decade's supply of vitamin D.

How's all you?
permalink Noice

We went on honeymoon in NW Scotland in April/May. People thought we were mad, but it was lovely (and snuck in before extreme midge terror)
permalink did Mrs Scoff get a look-in with all the sexy sandstones around?
(or is she also a rock nerd)

the midges were pretty awful given the lack of wind (hence mostly staying in coastal campsites) but I took the approach that after the first week there wasn't any patch of unbitten skin left for them to feast upon
permalink She had a pretty Torrid(onian) time of it
I oohed and ahed at a few rocks, but generally behaved.
permalink All sounds pretty idyllic.
permalink sounds like fun
on the other hand, going on holiday with a 4-y-o is a fucking ballache.
permalink A colleague of mine with a 2yo and a 4yo
Rented a cottage 30 mins from their house on the basis that's like a million miles for the sprogs and they couldn't face any real journey
permalink makes sense. we're really close to a centerparcs
which she fucking loves. Unfortunately it's a million pounds a week.
permalink later
I've made my choice, granted, but holidays with kids are fucking horrific.
permalink .
permalink on another note
a few quid each way on Adam Yates each way in the Tour might not be the worst bet ever.
permalink Are you getting decent odds on that
permalink Ladbrokes is currently 16/1 without Froome
Betfair was similar
permalink hmmm that's not bad.
the TTT will swing things sky's way. but MTS aren't shabby at that either.. depends who they bring.

permalink I'd assume Froome will win, possibly a.n. other Sky rider
Bardet or the usual suspects up there too, it's too big a race for too much of a surprise. But both Yateses look really good.
permalink That is a splendid trip.
I know most of those spots, of course... but haven't done all those hills.

We were in Scotland the first week of your two and had similarly awesome weather!

Oh and did a quick pop up on Saturday this weekend to see the Rolling Stones at Murrayfield...
permalink that does sound amazing
especially taking your wife up the Chailleach