thread sounds like fun
on the other hand, going on holiday with a 4-y-o is a fucking ballache.
permalink A colleague of mine with a 2yo and a 4yo
Rented a cottage 30 mins from their house on the basis that's like a million miles for the sprogs and they couldn't face any real journey
permalink makes sense. we're really close to a centerparcs
which she fucking loves. Unfortunately it's a million pounds a week.
permalink later
I've made my choice, granted, but holidays with kids are fucking horrific.
permalink .
permalink on another note
a few quid each way on Adam Yates each way in the Tour might not be the worst bet ever.
permalink Are you getting decent odds on that
permalink Ladbrokes is currently 16/1 without Froome
Betfair was similar
permalink hmmm that's not bad.
the TTT will swing things sky's way. but MTS aren't shabby at that either.. depends who they bring.

permalink I'd assume Froome will win, possibly a.n. other Sky rider
Bardet or the usual suspects up there too, it's too big a race for too much of a surprise. But both Yateses look really good.