thread I realised just how out of touch with football I am
when I looked at the England squad and recognised literally none of the names
permalink This.
Apart from going to the occasional Leeds game, I can't be arsed with domestic football.
permalink I'm not anti football..
I'm just not interested.

Apparently this makes me a freak among MEN.
permalink ditto.
I've never seen the attraction of getting worked up over 22 millionaires and a game you have absolutely zero control over ever.
permalink you're all fucking mental
still, as long as you don't moan about it while the rest of us sneakily watch Australia v Denmark on our phones instead of working then we'll all get along fine.
permalink hehehe :)
permalink Good point
There’s often more intrigue in the pool games
permalink some contain top top players,
some are just a crock of shit.
permalink like the old one
on a day off from training, the England squad visited a local russian orphanage

“It’s heartbreaking to see their sad eyes, completely devoid of hope”

said Vasily, aged 6.
permalink I would it noted for the record
That "I Like This"

permalink seconded
permalink *comedy trombone**

(*autofill tells me this isn't the first time I've typed that)

*edit* Saw this joke a lot today so I did a bit of digging, it first appeared in 2010 so it's heading for a long service award :)