thread Speaking of this
What times of day are the matches? I imagine they will be early since it's Russia?

permalink mostly 1pm to 7pm kickoff for us
permalink So it's a morning shift in Spoons then off to bed then?
Arse. I have to go to work.
permalink just "work from home"
like the rest of us slackers.

permalink Yay!
Kickoffs between midnight and 7am, mostly 2-3am. Won't be watching much live then!

Although 2 England games are at 6am, so that is doable
permalink I neither know nor care,
TBH. Yes, football is a great game, but there are many things I'd much rather do than watch it. Masturbation is way more fun, for instance. And it rarely lasts 90 minutes.
permalink spoken like a true Leeds fan
permalink There's not much else we can do
when we throw away yet another lead in the dying minutes...
permalink preseason in Burma
permalink Good to go somewhere
with an even worse human rights record than the Leeds defence
permalink 'kin hell scoff i owe you a pint for that one
first decent laugh i've had all season! X ;)
permalink This.
permalink they do usually* turn into prima donnas when the money starts flooding in
the england under 20's win their world cup and probably still on a YTS scheme

*though this young southgate team do seem up for it