thread Now don't get me wrong
I really like older people, I usually enjoy their company.

I also like drunk people, drunk people having fun is always good.

I also love southern Europe...

And believe it or not I really like a holiday Inn

And I'm no snob, working class, middle class, upper class I don't care, my dad was a lorry driver ffs.

But Jesus christ, watching these saga louts dancing away in the holiday Inn Algarve is one of the most depressing things I've ever witnessed (and not just because they didn't book direct) . I don't know if it's more depressing that this might be the most fun they have in ages or if this is how we all end up...

Good god, he just played quando quando quando. It IS Murph and the magictones.

I have just noticed there is one non-white person here, (Indian I guess). I don't know if that's heartening signonf cultural integration or depressing that he has to witness such a thing, a little more xenophobia and he could have been spared.
permalink Ah the Indian chap seems to be Portuguese .. if that makes sense
The amount of jewelry and hairspray of his table mates makes my Spidey sense suggest that one may be the hotel owner.

permalink Yeah, but I bet you're
dancing too! ;-)
permalink Whenever I'm at Glasgow airport for an early flight
The worst behaved/drunkest aren't the hen/stag groups but the retired folks with golf clubs
permalink On holiday in Majorca
a few years ago by far the loudest most obnoxious group was a gaggle of Glasgow Hens with skin like leather wandering round the pool taps aff. Never seen such saggy breasts in my life.
permalink I remember in the
late 90s going to Sri Lanka in December, and the Negombo hotel we stayed in the first 2 nights was heaving with drunken Swedish pensioners behaving very badly indeed. By the pool on the second evening I saw an elderly lady sucking off an elderly man who probably couldn't actually see what she was doing, such was the prodigious belly between his eyes and his cock; it was pretty much resting on the top of her head. And she was playing with herself.

We went off travelling round the island, and 2 weeks later, when we were back in Negombo, in the hotel next door for the last night before we flew home on Boxing Day, they were all still there, drinking with breakfast, legless by lunch, sleeping in the sun for the afternoon, and getting up to hideously ugly shenanigans in the evening. Only now, of course, they were much, much redder.
permalink Ewww...
permalink Well there is a pleasant image to go with breakfast
permalink *boik*
permalink and yet no video
permalink Here you go:-

Don't forget to add your credit card number.
permalink But you stayed up until midnight experiencing it
so what does that say about you?
permalink Dedicated to my job
They said visit the hotel, I visited the hell out of it.

Then it verged into social anthropology
permalink Gah Nodnol really sucks after 2 weeks in the middle of nowhere
Fortunately a quick one in the Euston Tap helps things

But crikey your air is bad right now
permalink *Parp*
permalink Hanging out by Euston Road
doesn't give a fully representative impression of London.
permalink *votes amy for mayor*
(used to live nearby air is nearly as bad oxford st.. yet 15 mins further the air is almost clean)
permalink Not in Crystal Palace it isn't.
Lovely fresh air up there.
permalink just about easier to commute from glasgow though
permalink maybe they were inglishers delighted with the brexit ruling
if you make berlin i highly commend you go to this / duke too