thread I'm trying to better myself.
Been doing a lot of running recently. Did 4 miles in around 48 minutes.

My question is: When do I exclaim I'm better than you in public?
permalink 6th Jul '18 7:39
.Or when you become vegan

I cycled 120 miles at the weekend but I was struggling, a bit of a headwind but I was a fair bit slower than usual
permalink I have a bad feeling my Ride London
Will be depressingly slow (eg bordering on 6 hours even without being held up)
permalink For 100 miles?
That would be fast in my books.

We were riding for 7.5h for 114miles, partly as a couple of the group bonked at different points, partly as I got really cold and couldn't get back, plus headwind, being overnight, running around all day and not eating enough pre start.

/excuses excuses
permalink Ha ha
I probably shouldn't comment.

Ask me in 8 days time, post very hilly trail marathon
permalink I don't know if that's good, it sounds good, it's further than I could run.
Al, alistair, anyone? Anyone fancy a TdF fantasy league thing? My plan this year is to get 0 points.
permalink i've been looking at my team but not seriously, set up a league and i'll join

permalink oh
"Due to a recent legal notice, entries into the current Fantasy Grand Tour game are currently suspended until further notice.
It is fair to say I am absolutely gutted about this turn of events, but do not want to comment further until the situation progresses.
At present it is looking unlikely that the current Fantasy Grand Tour game will go ahead as planned.
Yours in fantasy cycling, George"
permalink Oh dear
permalink Bugger
. The UCI/ aso fucking things up as usual probably
permalink there's now an official one, that's why
it looks annoying though, you have to pay attention and make changes
permalink which is why i never do these things ususally
verlgames was perfect
permalink i walk 3 miles in 40 mins
and i use a cane..
permalink A coke
permalink candy.. i'm all about the candy these days
actually depending on the day it can take 40mins to do a mile recently
permalink Blimey... it's vulga.
Hello sir!
permalink Oi you
How do you feel about the casambi control kit?

On paper looks good and one of our suppliers (astro) was saying good things about it
permalink What they’ve done is really nice... BUT
A - it’s posited on the idea that everyone wants to use their phone to control lights. There are button panels but limited.

B - they don’t want to play with anyone else. Pretty much impossible to integrate with other stuff.

Ask me tomorrow for an in-depth conversation neither of us will remember properly...
permalink We were thinking of public areas so the buttons are less of an isdue
permalink Indeed!
Good afternoon, sir!
permalink How's life?
I hope you're well?
permalink I'm good thanks.
Still a cunt, but nothing new there. How's life been treating you?
permalink Alright... ups and downs, but very happy in London with my fab Spaniard
Bloody glad it's Friday right now.
permalink still fishing
.. for carp?
permalink Top tip
If I ever claim to have worked out a more interesting but "not much longer" route to walk somewhere, think carefully. Eg will you arrive at the airport by emerging from a hedge and climbing a (solid) fence? There's a high possibility you will, on the other hand you wouldn't see the 6th century BC Temple of Artemis would you?

(Those that have been paying attention on twitter or Facebook will know which airport I'm currently in
permalink Temple of Artemis is next to Luton iirc
permalink if by "next to"
you mean "three hours flying time, after an hours delay"
permalink I've foolishly signed up for a half-marathon
Seemed like a good idea at the time, before it meant running in these temperatures
permalink You'll be fine
Just go slower and drink a lot more
permalink he lives in glasgow
you've just described a pub crawl
permalink The thought of beer during a run
fills me with utter disgust. Don't think my stomach could take it.

Afterwards, is however, a rather different matter. Although still takes half an hour-hour before I really feel like it (if it's been a big effort)
permalink When I was at Glasgow University,
there was an annual nonsense known as "The Chunder Mile". A mile... 4 laps of the 400m track... down a pint every time you cross the line.

I donlt think this needs any further explanation... and whatever you're imagining is probably spot-on...
permalink Oh don't worry
Beer miles are still very much a thing. Not for me though
permalink My high school pe teacher
Reckoned you could pretty much walk a mile in 10 minutes. So we'll done for being slightly slower than his lowest expectation.
permalink i suspect your PE teacher couldn't count
6mph is some pretty speedy walking,
permalink teh woman's world record speed walking is 8mph.
permalink I regularly walk 1.1 miles
and it has never ever taken me 10 minutes. I think 4mph is supposed to be the average walking speed, I take 20-25 mins to do my 1.1 (including traffic lights, crossing the road etc).
permalink Roughly twice as fast
permalink Nobody likes
a show off! :-P
permalink Well that explains
a lot.
permalink I'm only jealous
Sadly my speed is nothing like that these days.