thread Well, I think the sportsball went about as well as one could have hoped
I'm assuming there are a lot of drunk blokes hugging each other with their tops off now?

Certainly took my mind of last night's unpleasantness, seeing a drunk twat very nearly kill himself
permalink I'm a tad drunk, and doing a short sportive in the morning in blasting heat
And I won £25 on betting, so generally upbeat. Sorry about the drunk dude.
permalink It seems to be going around,
another friend saved a homeless guy's life earlier in the week. She knew him, but not well. Glad to hear your guy didn't die but it sounds like a situation you could do without
permalink it was FUCKINGFANTASTIC.. it only just clicked it's the SEMI'S!!
and they played in second gear most of the time.. modric looks toasted and we don't have to worry about food poisoning anymore.. bonus!

and PRIDE was fucking awesome too.. what a brilliant day.. hot weather transvestites and england winning*

*miserable scots can get toFuck
permalink Are hot weather transvestites
very different to cold weather ones? Less clothing, one imagines
permalink hiding the icepicks
is a bit more difficult
permalink missed it all being out and up in hills again
meant to do Buachaille Etive Mòr but got up too late due to having a thought we'd just do the Pap of Glencoe as a gentle stroll. Blimmy that's an unexpectedly tough little lump...up 700m in less than 2.5km horizontal, pretty much no respite

Then we ate all the langoustines and mussels
permalink Sounds very pleasant
If somewhat shellfish behaviour
permalink The pap is considerably more effort than it looks!
And the Buachaille is a fair old slog. Spectacular though.
permalink It was the Buachaille Etive Beag we meant to do.
That's a bit of a slog at the start, but I don't think the pap was much easier. I forgot to take into account the difference in starting elevation.
permalink I only lurk here
to fact-check meepmeep's posts.
permalink Hello!
I'm glad someone's on top of that.

I did the Buachaille Etive Beag a couple of years ago. Depending which side you go in from, it's either a big slog or a fucking enoromous slog. Stunning up there though. That was one of the best days I've ever had in the mountains on my own.
permalink I think we established on Saturday
that we aren't always climbing the same mountain, even when we mean to
permalink I did a long day up around Crianlarich back in April
when I found myself with a day on my own in Scotland.

A bit grey, fog/cloud on top... a couple of feet of loose snow. Crampons and ice axe stuff for about three hours.

To be honest, fucking hard work with no much reward. I was aiming for four peaks, but bailed after 3. Just didn't feel safe on my own. I'm pretty competent, but I know when to get out alive...
permalink Long day up around Crianlarich
Sounds like a perfect title for a HMHB tune!