thread "Attorney General Jeremy Wright is the new culture secretary"
Is on addly disturbing sounding phrase if you are of a particular frame of mind
permalink Not as odd as hearing
Human rhyming slang Jeremy Hunt is the new Foreign Sec
permalink i feel sorry for the forriners he has to secretary
permalink But at least he's not health any more!
permalink the people on the NHS 70th marches
are going to have to work harder on their puns and rhymes
permalink which is the important thing
though the fella stopping in wants lower housing and social benefits
and thinks adding tax to coporates or over 150k earners is a very bad idea
permalink Yeah but his replacement
is in the pocket of a pressure group that want to privatise the NHS
permalink Matt

Yet another cunt I'd not tire of punching.
permalink He's not going to be happy when he finds out that he can't privatise the rest of the world.
Utter fucking cunt.