thread right i'm off to see some planes
fly over central london. if you are in town you have about 40 minutes to go and see some jets going form basically olympic part to the mall.

including the new F35b plane geeks.
permalink I didn't know plane geeks could fly.
I drive some ospreys and what looked like black hawks somewhere down south yesterday, and the day before I saw what was probably a Blenheim over Wigan and two fighters that were to far away to identify.
permalink there's also an airshow at Duxford this weekend
so lots of stuff is flying in for that. it's quite the busy week for old planes and people with flasks of weak lemon drink.
permalink i had randomly picked a spot in the olymic park which turned out to be
spot on the route.

there were about 50 other peoples who had done the same.. almost most disturbing was the amount of obviously keen cyclists there.. i fitted in almost too well.
permalink It'll never get better
if you pick it.
permalink Yeah
But where's the fun in that?
permalink we had some fly over wood green and they kind of looked like
giant hercules but were definetly planes that had two propellers (in a cross formation) that i imagine articulate for take off
any ideas?
permalink i was slightly dissapointed there were no nimrods
but i'm not sure they fly any more, and almost certainly not over central london
permalink Got a reasonable view out of the window here on City Road...
The Typhoons in 100 formation were cool...
permalink and loud.
permalink Retired from service
In 2011. None flying in preservation.
permalink Due to sheer embarrassment
At the MRA4 firago, one assumes
permalink Maritime patrol aircraft are notoriously susceptible
to embarrassment.
permalink Sad that after all that effort, 20 years later
We'll just end up getting P-8s like everyone else.

Still, it'll make a change for the RAF and RNZAF to have some equipment in common*

*I'm not counting the Hercs, as the Kiwi ones are VERY old versions
permalink the RAF have taken on some
RC135Ws, converted from tanker aircraft.

Because apparently the role is best filled by elderly converted aircraft.
permalink They should convert some old Nimrods...
permalink apparently one of the major problem
was that no 2 of the nimorods were the same, they were essentially hand-built. so it was really hard ot design new parts.

it seems really odd that they were going to try to retrofit all new kit in such old planes, they could have just got a couple of used easyjet planes.
permalink I liked the VC10
They should bring them back.
permalink Aye
Loads of still-airworthy, just not quite as efficient, A32x and B737 knocking around.

easyJet back from Corfu on Friday was one of the ex Air Berlin ones, still in that livery. And still with the damn reclining seats, which have no place in a high density short haul plane.
permalink Bet if we'd had the newer
Fixed seats we could have got over the mountains and thus not had to wait for a big gap to take off the other way (reclining mechanism adds weight)
permalink Yeah, the seats.
Definitely not all the fatties flying back from corfu.
permalink all the other planes flying out of Corfu
seemed to be managing fine.
permalink yeah i've been on a a few ex-air berlin ones
it does make me surprised that they still put branded stuff on the seats. must devalue the planes form a re-sale perspective.

I like the new easyjet seats though, maybe they'll retrofit them
permalink Which were of course new-build
Comets, built after they stopped commercial production of the civilian plane.
permalink ahhh
they had one on the flypast, I thought that was odd that i didn't recognise it , assumed it was some cold war relic
permalink also they seem to have started the flypast with the slow planes and ended w
with the fast jets... I assume there was some sort of deathy fireball over fulham somewhere.
permalink Is it safe to be flying the F35 over a built up area?
Given their utter inability to work as required