thread apparently one of the major problem
was that no 2 of the nimorods were the same, they were essentially hand-built. so it was really hard ot design new parts.

it seems really odd that they were going to try to retrofit all new kit in such old planes, they could have just got a couple of used easyjet planes.
permalink I liked the VC10
They should bring them back.
permalink Aye
Loads of still-airworthy, just not quite as efficient, A32x and B737 knocking around.

easyJet back from Corfu on Friday was one of the ex Air Berlin ones, still in that livery. And still with the damn reclining seats, which have no place in a high density short haul plane.
permalink Bet if we'd had the newer
Fixed seats we could have got over the mountains and thus not had to wait for a big gap to take off the other way (reclining mechanism adds weight)
permalink Yeah, the seats.
Definitely not all the fatties flying back from corfu.
permalink all the other planes flying out of Corfu
seemed to be managing fine.
permalink yeah i've been on a a few ex-air berlin ones
it does make me surprised that they still put branded stuff on the seats. must devalue the planes form a re-sale perspective.

I like the new easyjet seats though, maybe they'll retrofit them