thread I'm about to go in for an MRI
Which is cool... The form where they ask you if you've ever had metal fragments in your eye is moderately unsettling though
permalink "well, we'll soon find out!"
permalink They asked all the questions again
But then were remarkably casual about me wearing my shorts with zips etc in the room.. I guess the powrrfull bit is around the head.

If we know any hardcore trance techno DJs who need inspiration they should mic up the MRI, it's amazingly like a avant Garde techno, with wired grinding bleeps at weird intervals and rythms etc.. slightly hypnotic
permalink Last time i went for one they gave me headphones
And force-fed me U2 for half an hour

By which point I wished for metal fragments in my ears
permalink It was Coldplay last time I had an MRI.
I opted for the machine noise.
permalink Or maybe I should have gone with this:-
permalink this is pretty close to what it sounded like
in mine.

though much more 'surround' sound obviously
permalink they did you a favour!
a friends off to tokyo and i was wondering if you could list a few places that are worth a visit.. cheaper the better but not neccessary (or maybe there's a website for such things?)
permalink they said they were going to give me classical music
but it never arrived.. either that or it was some very weird shit.

Looking at it the invention of the MRI it predates some trance music.. I wonder....
permalink i'm not sure anything could compete with the delight of an mri
one of my all top 10 gigs even though i'm on probably my 8th i still get excited :)
permalink Nothing like a bit of
Whitehouse, eh?
permalink well it's a bit more KlingKlang
but yeah.. healing of the body and the mind!
permalink They found a small scrap of metal inside my plaster cast
due to me wondering why something red-hot was burning my shin
permalink yeouch.
permalink Last time I had an MRI
I eschewed sounds in my ears and it STILL sounded like Test Dept or early Einsturzende Neubauten.
permalink Ah yes, I believe this one was the B-side to
Krieg In Den St├Ądten