thread there is that, 'hey, let's spend £100 on a camera that shows what's behind us and beams it to...
...our rearview mirror!'

'or we could turn our heads?'

be more useful in the front corners where you have a blind spot cause by the shape on the bonnet.
permalink The camera is at the top of your windscreen, it'd help.
And it's about having a decent integrated dashcam that isn't getting in the way.
permalink wouldn't the angle be all wrong then?
permalink I wouldn't know, nobody's bought me one.
permalink if I win the Premium Bonds
I'll get you one for Christmas
permalink Aesome
permalink The rear camera to where the mirror should be
Is excellent for vans/trucks which don't have, by design, rear view
permalink this is exaclty what came to mind
that of for a lamboghini or other ridiculous car you can't see out the back
permalink Or you could just have a reversing camera
And put the picture in the normal place, on the stereo/entertainment screen, meaning your rearview mirror functioned as is.

I would like a forward facing camera for parking too though, seeing where your nose is can be tricky, lord knows having a reversing one has made getting into tight parking spaces much easier