thread The French attitude to queues
Is making me feel less bad about Brexit.

Or maybe that's just the hangover.

It seems if you push I to the queue really slowly that's fine.
permalink and we all know
they wee in the street and eat snails. those french, tsk!
permalink The French attitude to queues
is similar to mine. Jump it if you can, but if someone else jumps in front of you, kick their fucking heads in.
permalink Italians don't go slowly
and use their elbows
permalink ...and shout.
All the fucking time.
permalink ...and when queueing?
permalink pfft!
you guys have had italian gf's before i see ;)
permalink FFS.
Possibly the stupidest reason ever to have been unfriended – after a barrage of abuse – on FaceBook. I wouldn’t sign the ‘Stop the Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot’ petition. I knew said erstwhile friend was a bit of an oddball, I had no idea she was such a fucking twat.
permalink And another barrage of abuse, a few minutes ago:-
Cyclist - Get out of the fucking way you stupid fucker! What is it with pedestrians, why do they never look where they're fucking going?

Me - You're on the pavement, cunt.
permalink As a mostly-pedestrian, driver every fortnight, occasional cyclist...
I hate all users of road and pavement.

Adults cycling on busy pavements are a particular annoyance though... together with drivers who don’t think that the various basic provisions of the Highway Code apply to them personally.

A lot of pedestrians are stupid cunts as well, of course.

Fucking people. Load of shits.
permalink This.
Very much this.
permalink My desk overlooks Old Street Roundabout,
and I see cuntish mishaps every day. Today, it was the jerk in the Merc, who tried to cut in front of a bus, but ended up scraping his own back left wing off the front of the bus. Yes, there was laughter.
permalink Hateful thing, that roundabout.
Last week's cyclist v cement mixer incident freaked me out a bit.
permalink Yeah,
one of our lot saw it happen. I had been looking out the window moments before.
permalink There's a scheme for Old Street rbt
That was pretty much funded and approved... Got "paused" by Khan/Will "useless" Norman in May 2016. Mainly because it was a Johnson/Gilligan scheme (still seems weird that the actually good cycleways in London were put in place by Andrew fucking Gilligan.)
permalink Paths make up the majority of official bike lanes here
It's a pain in the arse, because you officially are supposed to get off and walk your bike across every crossing. Unofficially you do anyway, unless you are on a mountain bike that can take the hammering of jumping on/off kerbs or down/up stupidly steep ramps.
In some places it's just easier to ride on the road so you don't waste so much energy getting up to speed all the time.
It's over 30C almost every day here, so its not like anyone really uses the paths to walk on anyway.
permalink Given that the Buffy series was a reboot of the film
The whole thing is a bit odd
permalink isn't it supposed to be a sequel?
I almost got knocked off my bike by a bin lorry this morning. I assume it was a hit squad now I've just got new life insurance.
permalink Amazing.

Still, nice to have priorities eh.
permalink she did you a favour
permalink French
permalink Is it you that has / used to have
the discount codes for hotels?
Do you still have the upload codes?
permalink I have some codez
That are usable on properties.

But it's only about 15% and means you can't cancel the booking or earn points so it's not a great deal... Do you have an email or something ?
permalink Sorry I thought I had replied to this
but must have pressed never mind instead of submit.
I had a look online, and they didn't have anything near where we want to stay. So thanks anyway.
permalink a company I have been speaking to at work have just suggested an actual physical meeting
I don't know if the worst part is I'd have to actually meet them in person, it's in San Franscisco, or it's in San Franscisco so I might end up sat next to Manley on the plane.
permalink Definitely the latter
This is a lovely part of the world, and much better to visit when someone else is paying
permalink it does look nice
but it would very much be fly in, speak to people in a hotel, go to a meeting all day, fly home. I'd have to reinstate facebook to show off.

Also, I've given away my only possible 'guess the airport' for years.
permalink Nah
They might fly you into San Jose or Oakland
permalink Check the travel policy
Buisness class to SF would be a decent amount of air miles
permalink that's true
I doubt I'll end up going, but I would like to fly business class at least once.
permalink our fridge died yesterday
and it seems - to skip over several insane pieces of bureaucracy - I'm not allowed to buy a new one because I have a joint mortgage.
permalink Umm. That sounds fun

permalink the best bit is where my bank requires
me and the missus to go into the branch (together, not separately) with ID and recent utility bills to prove to them that we live in the flat that we bought with a feckin mortgage from them

and I'm still struggling to understand what form of fraud involves buying fridges for other people
permalink Dear Mr Meep
I am a Nigerian Prince with a million fridges I need t get out of the country. If you transfer money to me, I will send fridges and you will be a very rich man with my eternal gratitude and a shitload of fridges.
permalink this morning I thought of you
as I ambled home from the parkrun via Queen Margaret Drive with a Guardian and a bag of coffee beans from under my arm

/West End 4 Life
permalink I thought of him yesterday when we were in a bar where the owner was going around swapping
Halogen lamps for cheap bright blue LED ones
permalink I don't understand halogen bulbs
it's like someone took the basic concept of lightbulbs and then decided it'd be better if they had an average lifetime of a week, coupled with fittings that are almost impossible not to destroy when you try and replace the fuckers

I've got 4 such in the kitchen, I've literally gone through about 9 bulbs since we moved in at New Year, 3 are currently out cos I just can't be arsed any more

(although to pre-empt CI I'm guessing that the problem is probably dirt cheap transformers)
permalink GU9 is a horrible connection
GU10 is better but they are mains voltage so come with their own issues.