thread This.
Very much this.
permalink My desk overlooks Old Street Roundabout,
and I see cuntish mishaps every day. Today, it was the jerk in the Merc, who tried to cut in front of a bus, but ended up scraping his own back left wing off the front of the bus. Yes, there was laughter.
permalink Hateful thing, that roundabout.
Last week's cyclist v cement mixer incident freaked me out a bit.
permalink Yeah,
one of our lot saw it happen. I had been looking out the window moments before.
permalink There's a scheme for Old Street rbt
That was pretty much funded and approved... Got "paused" by Khan/Will "useless" Norman in May 2016. Mainly because it was a Johnson/Gilligan scheme (still seems weird that the actually good cycleways in London were put in place by Andrew fucking Gilligan.)