thread a company I have been speaking to at work have just suggested an actual physical meeting
I don't know if the worst part is I'd have to actually meet them in person, it's in San Franscisco, or it's in San Franscisco so I might end up sat next to Manley on the plane.
permalink Definitely the latter
This is a lovely part of the world, and much better to visit when someone else is paying
permalink it does look nice
but it would very much be fly in, speak to people in a hotel, go to a meeting all day, fly home. I'd have to reinstate facebook to show off.

Also, I've given away my only possible 'guess the airport' for years.
permalink Nah
They might fly you into San Jose or Oakland
permalink Check the travel policy
Buisness class to SF would be a decent amount of air miles
permalink that's true
I doubt I'll end up going, but I would like to fly business class at least once.