thread our fridge died yesterday
and it seems - to skip over several insane pieces of bureaucracy - I'm not allowed to buy a new one because I have a joint mortgage.
permalink Umm. That sounds fun

permalink the best bit is where my bank requires
me and the missus to go into the branch (together, not separately) with ID and recent utility bills to prove to them that we live in the flat that we bought with a feckin mortgage from them

and I'm still struggling to understand what form of fraud involves buying fridges for other people
permalink Dear Mr Meep
I am a Nigerian Prince with a million fridges I need t get out of the country. If you transfer money to me, I will send fridges and you will be a very rich man with my eternal gratitude and a shitload of fridges.
permalink this morning I thought of you
as I ambled home from the parkrun via Queen Margaret Drive with a Guardian and a bag of coffee beans from under my arm

/West End 4 Life
permalink I thought of him yesterday when we were in a bar where the owner was going around swapping
Halogen lamps for cheap bright blue LED ones
permalink I don't understand halogen bulbs
it's like someone took the basic concept of lightbulbs and then decided it'd be better if they had an average lifetime of a week, coupled with fittings that are almost impossible not to destroy when you try and replace the fuckers

I've got 4 such in the kitchen, I've literally gone through about 9 bulbs since we moved in at New Year, 3 are currently out cos I just can't be arsed any more

(although to pre-empt CI I'm guessing that the problem is probably dirt cheap transformers)
permalink GU9 is a horrible connection
GU10 is better but they are mains voltage so come with their own issues.