thread Bigger me it's hot in barcelona
We are expecting a low of 29 at 5am tonight.

Quite a lot of cold beer will be required methinks
permalink At 4:59pm
I will make two huge tangerine margaritas. All the ingredients are currently in the fridge.
permalink I habe a cold Chimay waiting for me
when I come home tonight at 22:30.
This is my last Saturday late shift as the new job won't have Saturdays or lates.

But yeah, it's hot as fuck.
permalink I've just been up a 6m ladder, fucking hell
Now I'm about to crack open an ice cold black lager.
permalink I had an afternoon nap
now a hipster IPA
permalink Two cocktails and three pints later,
and I’m feeling no pain.
permalink I bet there is a hipster IPA
Called afternoon nap
permalink We've had cold beverages, air con,
and minimal clothing and it's still fucking hot.
permalink went out to watch the womens road race today
(which is worth watching, at least the last 30's all a bit odd)

at one point I was stood next to the road watching the leading group on the eurosport app while the peloton went past and saw myself on camera...meaning I was watching myself watching myself watching myself etc^infinity
permalink Are you now in the matrix
permalink I suspect this is an appropriate time
to tell you to get in the fucking sea. *points* go on. get.
permalink I have a largish dent in my leg from a drinking injury that precludes the sea
And neither of us really like the beach.

And walking there would be basically torture.

We are basically hopping between air-conditioned bars
permalink still
that sounds nice.

anyone want a weeks holiday in Norwich looking after two cats and a fish tank?
15th October week. Free house and cat cuddles, all the food in the cupboards.
permalink Potentially... We might be up for that.
Depends on work travel and stuff though.

Would you be up for cat sitting in London while we are there?
permalink boyfriend is booking a surprise
holiday (squeeeeeeeeee) ... so sorry I don't think so, but another time yes! we can do swapsies!
permalink I've not been doing much sailing this year
so hadn't noticed something that most people won't have noticed either- that for most of this year there's been less wind than usual across England (at least). Chatting at the B14 Nationals in Paignton (Thursday through Sunday, blighted by light winds) people who'd come from both Restronguet (River Fal, Cornwall) and Brightning (Blackwater, Essex) and all points in between along the south coast were bemoaning light breezes since the spring, especially at weekends.
permalink really? every time I try to go out on my bike it's blowing a gale
permalink It’s gorgeous in the Cairngorms
Not quite as hot.
permalink Forecast highs of 36/37ºC
here in Berlin today and tomorrow. Although at least it's calmed down a bit from the previous forecast of 39.
permalink that would kill me
do you get time off work in those conditions?
permalink I think officially,
if it reaches 40ºC the employer has to take steps to cool the office, or something like that.

But in reality, I'm just working from home with a fan.
permalink it doesn't get down to 29 until 8-9pm in london at the mo
been hitting the park for pizza (or other takeout) at about that time as it's tooo hot to cook in doors (and sick to death of salads)

fortunately it's cooling down tomorrow onwards which is nice
permalink new fridge!
this is highly exciting as it means milk in tea for the first time in days
permalink Rain!
We have rain!