thread This holiday business is knackering
Kayaking, aerial assault course, river tubing, a couple of half-hearted runs, plus a lot of sitting in the sun drinking beer.

A couple of quieter days at my mum's now, then minilluminator goes home, and the Spaniard arrives for a few days of festival, random trips and chilling out.
permalink i have been away from home for a corporate jolly, a holiday and work
for 13 days straight, and am going from manchester to london via glasgow tomorrow and i am absolutely battered.

a bath and early bed form me tonight
permalink Blimey
Sounds sensible. I'm hoping for an early night too...
permalink Friday week
we're off to Korea. Can't wait.
permalink Awesome!
That will be fascinating, I reckon...
permalink Yep.
Got the first two hotels booked, three nights in Seoul and two in Danyang. After that, Ulsan, Busan, Jeju and back to Seoul, we reckon.
permalink well I've not got work next week
what with not having a job then
permalink :(
ah shitsticks. wish I could help but I'm thinking about not sticking around here too long. Charitable sector is seriously stressful. or at least this unit is.