thread Voodoo Trombone Quartet
were just on the actual radio on 6 music.
permalink Oo! A new one?
We should make sure we're up to date on gigs.
permalink nah the old one voodoo juju
permalink Oo does that mean
Paul is going to get an 8th of a pee? My mate Liz plays with the VTQ from time to time (tenor sax), she was gobsmacked when I told her the tale of b3ta and Braces Tower.
permalink braces tower?
permalink *sits back with popcorn*
go on uncle witchy. Tell us the story.
permalink I can't be the only one who
remembers this. Paul Thorpe ('Thorpe') did a mashup of stuff, can't remember what now. Stuck it out on b3ta and it was picked up and played a few times on Radio 1 - instant fame.

He's @bracestower on the twits if you want to ask him about it.
permalink I know Thorpe a bit
We did a gig with vtq at Ronnie Scott's and big strides once

Didn't remember the radio 1 thing but vague bells are ringing.

See also: the cattermoles
permalink You might've met Liz
then, dark haired lass from Doncaster who's sax is nearly as tall as she is.
permalink Yep, that rings a bell
permalink I still have the general synopsis
His shipping forecast song from the pasteism ep on fairly high repeat.
permalink Witchy,
is it true we will be seeing you tomorrow??!
permalink Yarp! My second
visit to Preston ever. Can you book in some nice weather for me please.
permalink Are you staying at the holiday Inn express?
permalink No, same place
I stayed in the other year 'cos it's only half a mile from the venue and does an excellent fryup on a sunday morning.
permalink Sun's out!

See you later!
permalink and fun
time was had by all :D