Oh god I need it to be the weekend. My brain is fried.
permalink After a very busy week, i sort of hit the productivity wall this afternoon
but i've been bouyed by the release of the new alternative indesign thing from affinity, which looks pretty much perfect at first glance.


and means there is no compelling reason for me to use any adobe products any more. i already use their photo / vector stuff and they are very good.
permalink That's exactly what happened to me.
My brain just failed around 3pm.

I labelled some things.

Then I soldered some connectors onto cables.

Then I made some touchscreen graphics.

Basically I faffed around wit unimportant and non-urgent things until I could run away to KX.

Now on the way north on a stupidly busy train, but at least we have seats at a table!
permalink also for 2 days this week, I was helping out on the opening of
a monster 700 bedroom hotel in heathrow. dual branded (crowne plaza / holiday inn express fact fans) it's huge and it took 3 of us 2 days to see 2/3rds of the guestrooms. the whole thing just goes on and on forever, it'll be the second largest hotel in the UK in our portfolio.

Anyway, if there was a massive delay it'd be enough for just slightly less than the people in a single airbus A380. and holds less than half of 1 percent of the people who fly in or out of heathrow on a given day.

permalink flippin' heck
That is both huge and insignificant at the same time!
permalink If the hotel was empty
It would more than hold the passengers from single A380 in the configurations into Heathrow. Looking at Wikipedia most are about 460-520 seats. Apparently Emirates do have some at over 600 seats. No-one has actually gone for the mad 800+ theoretical capacity
permalink so a 380 plus a 737

permalink I worked my TITS off this week.
Which was no fun, considering the jet lag.
permalink Here, try some 80s nonsense...
permalink and have a cat doing a sneeze
permalink Bless you.