thread I've just read a thing that says I'm not to identify myself as a school governor
on social media.

I'm not sure this counts, but if you could all forget that I've ever mentioned being a governor that'd be great.
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Had a gorgeous and very soppy mastiff called Guvnor
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permalink What does being a governor really involve?
Sounds like a thing I’d be interested in but the media paints quite a different picture to what the government sites say.

I’m obviously asking you as an internet person, not as someone who might have first hand experience of the situation of course.
permalink So there's meetings and you can also be a buddy.
There's a full governors meeting once a term. It's mostly about a 'school improvement plan' which is a lot of metrics about how the school is doing locally and nationally, and what the school is doing to improve its weaknesses, and the plan for the rest of the year.

You may also deal with a shift from local authority control to being part of a multi academy trust. The decision about which trust to join does need a lot of governor scrutiny, but otherwise there's not much input (and you may be ousted depending on the academy)

There are subcommittees for stuff like assets, curriculum and disciplinary stuff. It's more meetings and oversight.

My primary school is run well and has excellent staff, so it's largely just keeping an eye and agreeing with what's going on, and asking relevant questions to explore in more depth or maybe add a fresh perspective.

There's also governor buddies. You get given a subject, and you spend time with the subject lead to understand what's on the syllabus, how it's taught, what the 'raising attainment plan' is and checking its implementation.

It's all pretty straight forward but does involve a fair bit of time (though I suspect it's perceived to involve a fair bit of time because it's usually busy people who are governors).

I certainly am just an internet person and am not on the full governors body, asset committee, curriculum committee, and IT/web compliance buddy, English as an Additional Language buddy. I'm purely speculating when I say that being I reckon if I were those things I'd struggle a bit finding time to be a decent buddy, but I am involved in shedloads of other stuff in my spare time too.
permalink Your speculations have been useful.