thread A few weeks ago
there was a chap in the gents who was stood with his hands under the hand dryer. He was entirely motionless, just stood with his hands there under the dryer.

It keeps haunting me. Not even turning them over, just stood there. For ages.
permalink In other news, baby might arrive at any time now
and I'm slightly terrified.
permalink Maybe, for him,
the baby had just arrived.
permalink or his hands
were very wet
permalink and congrats on this bit
as well
permalink Prepare to be very tired...
permalink I do some of my best thinking in the loo
I just cracked the problem of how to present a bit of data clearly while staring at myself in the mirror.
permalink does it involve putting a ven diagram
with 2 circular fields and one elongated field
permalink very elongated
permalink spraying ideas around
in a semi-circular manner.
permalink When I was small I got a 'photodoor'.
It was a door sized poster. It came in two parts and was essentially wallpaper. You had to trim it, wet it, apply it then trim it again. It involved taking the door down, removing the handles, cleaning and sanding it, then doing a bit of wallpapering.

Needless to say it was beyond tiny cowjam, and beyond my mum too so it lived in its tube.

Then I grew up and moved away. My photodoor moved with me. In fact, it's always moved with me. 15 houses and 38 years since it rolled out of its Swedish factory I have finally got round to applying it to a door!

I'm just filling a bath so I can get it properly wet. I'll update you tomorrow in whether it was a success or not.
permalink That was easier than I expected.
Will have to see if it actuality sticks.
permalink So, what's on the poster?
permalink a picture
of a nicer door
permalink Doorception!
We need to go deeper...
permalink It's a woodland park.
I'll get a photo of it later. It worked well, it looks really good.
permalink i was expecting you to have put the first half up
then baby arrived and you did the second half when they graduated from uni or something
permalink Ha.
The instructions said you had to do both at once as marrying up a wet bit with a dry bit doesn't work very well.
permalink Congrats on babby*
Was the handryer actually on? If it wasn't, it would be even weirder

*how is formed?
permalink Ta.
Yeah it was on.
permalink They need to do
way instain mother who kill thier babby.