thread while we are on sport
the BBC has apparently solved the problems of sreaming being 45 seconds behind live TV with a technical solution involving smaller packets of streaming data....

I think we all know they have just delayed the TV by 45 seconds haven't they
permalink Obviously
They have. The easy option
permalink It amuses me on twitter
Seeing updates about cycling races in order:
1. Someone actually at the race, at the finish and/or tuned in to the actual race radio
2. Someone watching on broadcast Eurosport
3. The majority: watching Eurosport Player
4. People (including certain teams social media people) watching Eurosport Player over a VPN in the USA).

Can be several minutes difference
permalink If the broadcast people were willing to do that, it would have been done ages ago.
I've still got friends on the inside. It's obviously all still secret until the big announcement at the trade show, but it's really very clever.
permalink do they just make the matches start 45 seconds later
permalink iPlayer on my Virgin media box is still fucking shit
takes ages to boot up Do You Know.

permalink My official reponse to that is:
permalink Is it whinge to theDuke about iplayer o'clock?
I can't download cbeebies radio stuff to play offline.
permalink no that was about a fortnight ago i was there
it was actually a trick question as I was at Charing cross (not in charing cross) and then heading to the Royal Free (I saw no royalty but didn't pay)

permalink I'll update the checklist
permalink Exactly what you would expect from somewhere
proclaiming to be free of royals.
permalink ahhh
all becomes clear.

i had my MRI in the "Royal Free Private" hospital in barnet.. which is an interesting contradiction
permalink Not really. The cost could be free but it could have a selective intake.
Or vice versa.
permalink It was selective in that if you had insurance or £ then you were in