thread Choosing Dan Martin
seems to have been a bit of an issue.
permalink Things to pay attention to when picking riders
The pregnancy status of their partners

Probably more of an issue at the Vuelta tbh
permalink I didn't pay attention to anything
except whether I'd vaguely heard of them and/or whether I could afford them.
permalink Dunno
Didn't seem to affect Alistair Cook much in the last test, did it?
permalink was his missus
about to pop? Amy's issue is that Martin, who could have done well in the sort of finishes on the final week, left the race at the second rest day to head home to be there for the birth of his kid.

Although the race will tomorrow almost certainly go past his home and the hospital as it'll use almost every road in Andorra.
permalink I have to figure out how to watch this afternoon, could be fun.
permalink Yes
His missus' due date was day 5
permalink dammmmmm
did she pop that day?
permalink also there's a difference to being in a
triumphal career curtain closer of a match and vaguely middling around the pack, maybe taking a speculative punt on a stage win but mainly making up the numbers
permalink I don't think she did, at least I assume TMS would have mentioned it
And thankfully, Chef did finish that way, but it was never a sure thing
permalink still
the absolute worst nickname ever conferred upon a sportsman
permalink Totally
But what can you do? It makes perfect sense
permalink "deeply dull but makes sense"
ah, Cricket
permalink That's fighting talk
Especially in a conversation involving road cycling!
permalink see
road cycling doesn't usually make sense
permalink It wasn't the making sense bit
I was disputing!
permalink I think if he'd been on any sort of form they'd have kept him in
but he didn't look great.