thread Morning all, how was your weekend?
I had an interesting (if very tiring) 24 hour trip up north to see my dad get ordained as a Deacon.

It was a day of firsts - the first time there has been an ordination in the village church, the first time the current Bishop of Durham has done an ordination outside of Durham Cathedral, and the first time I've gone to a church on a Sunday.

I did not have a religious upbringing at all - so it's been an interesting time since my Dad started down this path.
permalink Crikey
How rare!

I mostly ran around a lake and then drank beer
permalink I drank wine
now I have a headache.
permalink Hmm, well
Have you tried drinking more wine?

Warning: this may only be a temporary solution
permalink I tried painkillers
and that worked so I stuck with it.
permalink argh my legs
just signing up for the Paris Half Marathon (le Semi) because I've clearly not learned my lesson.

They offer a premium registration package including photos etc called...."My Unforgettable Semi."
permalink I mean you could just go to Paris on holiday,
you don't have to find an excuse.

And please don't show us photos of your semi.
permalink my brother lives there
and him and his missus are both doing it, and so I obviously have to do it so I can beat him

except now he's bloody gone and signed up for a full marathon, so now I have to do one of them too. jesus. He'd better not take up ultras
permalink didn't you have a load of trouble with your ligaments or something?
you should try more low-impact excercise.. like strolling to the pub
permalink yeah but turned out I just have crap feet
went to a podiatrist, got some trainer inserts and all my injuries and pains disappeared overnight, 10/10 would recommend
permalink Yup, this
Haven't used orthotics, but never used to be able to run, but then I started using decent trainers, suddenly* not a problem. Also heartily recommend doing other stuff for core stability etc, like yoga

*and not sudden at all, gradually built up distance etc.
permalink in my brief stint of running
going to one of those places that put you on a treadmill and then recommended shoes was a massive difference..

i overpronate apparently

I've gone and bought one of those smart trainers for my bike that allow me to cycle around a virtual course with a lot of people called brad... it's quite good so far though, certainly half an hour on that is worth an hours normal cycling.
permalink Is that Zwift or however you spell it?
That gets very confusing on Strava when people do that
permalink Yeah.. iim "never the twain shall meet"
I don't mix zwift with the other stuff.

It's good though,

permalink Hey, why's that bloke I know suddenly cycling round Innsbruck
Also, not on any roads...ah, OK.

Very odd
permalink Yeah they did that for the world championships
It's back to the fictional world now it seems
permalink shoes can only correct a tiny bit of overpronation
I needed the full orthotics, I'm 6° off true apparently. podiatrist says it's very common but you get away with it until you get to 35/40, then all your other tendons stop being able to compensate and suddenly you're plagued by injuries

incredible the difference it makes (both in terms of pain and speed), though they do take quite a while to get used to
permalink Fairly muff, it's horses for courses, whatever works for you!
Which is what makes me mad about people* who are massively evangelical about a shoe they love. Just cos it works for you, doesn't mean it will for me.

*especially those worshipping at the altar of zero drop!
permalink yeah, each to their own, I mean I couldn't do 5km without being in huge pain
if you're running marathons up and down serious lumps 17 times a week then I doubt you have any need

hark at you and your correctly aligned soles
permalink I wouldn't go that far
I do overpronate a bit, which is why I use Brooks GTS Adrenalines for road running.

Doesn't seem to matter as much on trails, so have used all sorts of shoes. Although I probably do need a new pair of comfy long distance trail shoes. The Saucony Peregrines have ALL the grip, great for slippery winter trails, but not that comfy after a while
permalink Their Xodus shoes are pretty good
although the soles on my last pair didn't do too well on rocky/rooty trails. If you can find them, Dynafit do some excellent trail shoes. But try before you buy as they have some weird sizing issues.
permalink Can't you just try to
outdrink him?
permalink I hope it goes well
you don't want to have a disappointing semi
permalink Excellent, have fun
Hope you enjoy running on cobbles!
permalink Up north on
weds for 3 days with the lovely Mrs Witchy, first time since March. Much pub/caff food, ale and some excellent comedy on the Sat night. Thurs night in my old local with mates, Fri night was The Nightingales in one of my favourite Gateshead boozers, a non-stop hour of blistering tunes.

Sunday appeared to be spent mostly on trains or waiting for trains, huzzah for TrainBeer(tm).

Managed to walk 15 miles just around town and across the river a few times!

Back to work with a bump this morn.
permalink I discovered an amazing new ingredient,
and used it to make a splendid tea last night:-
permalink we made macaroni cheese
and went to a mates for a very boozy foody barbecue.

permalink I bought macaroni cheese
from Cook. It was ok.
permalink there's a chi-chi turkish near me that does mac n' cheese sides
with its grilled meat platters (?!)
where has this love for m&c come from?
permalink is it ketchup? good ingredient ketchuip
salt too. try that.
permalink We had a debate the other day about whether "salted" is a flavour
After someone described pretzels as salt flavoured

To me that seems like an ingredient rather than a flavour.
permalink I reckon ready salted
is a state of being for crisps, not a flavour. salt and vinegar is a flavour. maybe you're right, I'm not sure salt is a flavour as such, but I wouldn't want to have to sign off the law that says either way.
permalink Ready salted is because they've got salt added
They wouldn't taste like that without the salt on the outside.
permalink as anyone* who's sampled
salt'n'shake before the wee blue bag is opened will testify.

permalink I'd forgotten about salt'n'shake!
they were a bit rubbish.
permalink I keep buying them from
time to time just to remind myself how poor they are apart from the last few which are SALT.
permalink sounds interesting
is it hard to find?
permalink Waitrose,
permalink quite one this weekend, all three of us are shagged out so did v. little
I finally managed to get out on my new bike again though, that's rather nice.

my dad got signed up as a lay preacher, I think he got bored after retirement.
permalink I took miniluminator and my mum to Dundee on Saturday
And we went to the new V+A.

Big picture architecture is great. Close-up, the detailing is shit. Especially outside.

Content is fab.
permalink Awesome about your dad!
The CofE seems to be heading into some interesting times.
permalink Also, it would seem that the birth of my second child
has rendered me incapable of getting any body's name right on the first attempt.
permalink I am not religious
But I think I'd be praying to all available god's if this happened to me
permalink The problem with that sort of thing
Is it's all fine, assuming everything goes right, but any problems whatsoever and it's good night Kiev. See also fuckwits driving at 200 kph.

Also, the god's what?
permalink Next door neighbour
permalink I like this one:-
permalink Tabazan!
Not Geoffrey from Rainbow!
permalink Or Charles Aznavour
for that matter
permalink or the bloke wot
drew Judge Dredd.
permalink Indeed
Had no idea one of the principal artists was Spanish!
permalink All can say is
He's no Geoffrey!

/edit Bungle's not taken the news well (shamelessly stolen from reddit).
permalink Looks like someone
forgot the safe word
permalink haha
permalink do you think he's making ammends
for siring you?
permalink hahhahaha