thread I discovered an amazing new ingredient,
and used it to make a splendid tea last night:-
permalink we made macaroni cheese
and went to a mates for a very boozy foody barbecue.

permalink I bought macaroni cheese
from Cook. It was ok.
permalink there's a chi-chi turkish near me that does mac n' cheese sides
with its grilled meat platters (?!)
where has this love for m&c come from?
permalink is it ketchup? good ingredient ketchuip
salt too. try that.
permalink We had a debate the other day about whether "salted" is a flavour
After someone described pretzels as salt flavoured

To me that seems like an ingredient rather than a flavour.
permalink I reckon ready salted
is a state of being for crisps, not a flavour. salt and vinegar is a flavour. maybe you're right, I'm not sure salt is a flavour as such, but I wouldn't want to have to sign off the law that says either way.
permalink Ready salted is because they've got salt added
They wouldn't taste like that without the salt on the outside.
permalink as anyone* who's sampled
salt'n'shake before the wee blue bag is opened will testify.

permalink I'd forgotten about salt'n'shake!
they were a bit rubbish.
permalink I keep buying them from
time to time just to remind myself how poor they are apart from the last few which are SALT.
permalink sounds interesting
is it hard to find?
permalink Waitrose,