thread shoes can only correct a tiny bit of overpronation
I needed the full orthotics, I'm 6° off true apparently. podiatrist says it's very common but you get away with it until you get to 35/40, then all your other tendons stop being able to compensate and suddenly you're plagued by injuries

incredible the difference it makes (both in terms of pain and speed), though they do take quite a while to get used to
permalink Fairly muff, it's horses for courses, whatever works for you!
Which is what makes me mad about people* who are massively evangelical about a shoe they love. Just cos it works for you, doesn't mean it will for me.

*especially those worshipping at the altar of zero drop!
permalink yeah, each to their own, I mean I couldn't do 5km without being in huge pain
if you're running marathons up and down serious lumps 17 times a week then I doubt you have any need

hark at you and your correctly aligned soles
permalink I wouldn't go that far
I do overpronate a bit, which is why I use Brooks GTS Adrenalines for road running.

Doesn't seem to matter as much on trails, so have used all sorts of shoes. Although I probably do need a new pair of comfy long distance trail shoes. The Saucony Peregrines have ALL the grip, great for slippery winter trails, but not that comfy after a while
permalink Their Xodus shoes are pretty good
although the soles on my last pair didn't do too well on rocky/rooty trails. If you can find them, Dynafit do some excellent trail shoes. But try before you buy as they have some weird sizing issues.