thread I have a job interview this morning
I am bricking it
permalink good luck
I believe in you, and you have this. If not, its all good learning.

Go you! you spangly wonderful bunch of atoms.
permalink is it with a housebuilder?
if so keep doing that.
permalink Or a professional lego modeller.
permalink *applies*
permalink good luck!
in Cambridge?
permalink Haslingfield
think it went OK?
permalink Hope so.
Crossing all the polymers for you.
permalink no idea, did it?
Haslingfield would be alright, easy cycle.
permalink Fingers crossed you nailed it.
permalink if I haven't
I've got one with a different company (in Bar Hill) on Tuesday. Or rather, I've got that interview before I'll hear from this one.
permalink Ooh, choice!
I had that once. The small company nearby with the easy commute, or the big prestigious place with much better pay and a pain in the arse commute. Money won, obvs.
permalink today was a start up
money should be roughly the same, the start-up would only be guaranteed for one year so would be a risk versus stability but probably not as exciting at the big company
permalink Hopefully the one in Bar Hill
isn't for Tesco?

Also, good luck, obviously!
permalink it's the company
that doesn't make pizzas
permalink I guess that means something to those in the the know
To me of course, that means almost all companies...
permalink hope it went well
*crosses ALL the bits*