thread We're doing some work for Fortnum + Mason
They keep sending us loads of product for lighting tests and mockups. Another bloke with a sacktruck of big boxes turned up today... with another few hundred quid's worth of premium edibles.

Mostly we only need the packaging, but they always send full ones and don't want them back.

Office snacks are most excellent at the moment...
permalink giles works there, and is constantly moaning
about how most of their packaging is unreadable. (eg gold on yellow)

plus they keep forgetting to have any staff on the shop floor, but plenty in management.

but he does bring the occasional freebie home that is most excellent.

the insane amount of money they take is mind boggling, someone will stroll up to the till with a little gift box of 8 tea bags for £12 and say.. i need 50 of these and pay in cash.
permalink It's nuts.
My colleague who runs the Fortnum's jobs currently has a fortnums package the size and shape of a fucking milkchurn under his desk... in Fortnum turquoise. I haven't even looked to see what's in that.

We have eaten literally hundreds if not thousands of pounds of biscuits, chocolates, etc, etc...
permalink if you see an octagonal package of nuts in chocolate
about 40cm across.. rrp about £60

grab it and just run out of the building.... those were amazing.
permalink Mmm...
permalink No I don't.
permalink that's how bad their management is
they dont even tell people when they have employed people
permalink We sold them a shedload of honey a few years ago,
when we'd had a very good harvest. They paid us £8 each for 76 250g jars we normally sold for £4.50 per jar, and they sold them for £13 each.

Paid for a very nice weekend in a seriously luxurious spa in the New Forest. Which was nice.
permalink sweet
permalink geddit?
... sweeet. honey....
permalink Sounds like
a honeytrap to me!
permalink Stop trying to
bee funny...
permalink if we ever do meet up
and you have some left i'd like to buy an assortment
permalink This year's harvest was minimal,
due to losing both colonies last winter, and not getting new ones till June. But yes, we'll put a jar aside for you.

In Other News:- https://www.theguardia...
permalink that reminds me
Londoners / anyone. What's a top cliched tourist attraction / thing to do in London? Like the Tower, or Eye, but not them. Somewhere you could kill a couple of hours before lunch.

Trying to plan a thing and my mind has gone completely blank.
permalink Transport museum
in Covent Garden
permalink I'd like that, not sure the other party members would
good idea though, ta.
permalink Open top bus
Greenwich market
Boat down the Thames
London Dungeon
British Museum
permalink Dungeon, that's a good one.
probably be Jan/Feb, so indoors makes sense. Didn't specify that.
permalink Boat down the Thames
is also indoors. And you can drink on some of them IIRC.
permalink cool, ta, I'll keep them in mind
permalink I'm guessing you;re taking your mum
and your child as well maybe.
permalink oh yeah, family trek
it's going to be a massive ballache. I'd been thinking zoo, but that might be pretty brisk in (say) February, but then I guess it's entirely reliant one the weather all year round. we'd thought afternoon tea somewhere which is why F&N reminded me (not at those prices!). It probably doesn't really matter, and we'll be cabbing mostly to save walking, just went blank thinking about other options. Dungeon is a good idea, and it's by the aquarium, so maybe.
permalink I liked afternoon tea at Charlotte Street Hotel

Drinks in the restaurant bar at the Tate Modern gives you a good view of the Millenium Bridge and St Pauls

Zoo is massively expensive as well, not sure about the Dungeon - maybe keep an eye on Groupon.
permalink It seems you can also get afternoon tea in the Globe

which is right by the Tate Modern.
permalink How old is child?
That may be a constraint...
permalink I did of course read "how old is child?"
In the style of "how is babby formed?"
permalink Me too!
'How girl get pragnent?'
permalink 4, so it will be
but we've done it before and she'll behave enough for a non-very posh place. The whole thing is very vague so far, just need to start punting ideas about.
permalink Too young for the dungeon then...
They recommend 12+...

permalink fuck it, we'll just go to Ely!
I'd not got as far as looking properly, will have a proper research at the weekend.
permalink Go to Ely
Go down the pub with his Witchyness, all sorted!
permalink you can go to yeah olde mitre pub in holborn and
still be in ely parish.

permalink that looks like the sort of pub
I could get involved in.
permalink just avoid worktime lunches & going home time
as it's full of cunts
nearby is london silver vaults your mum might like that
also knights templar jdw nearby for grandness/child friendly &
The Seven Stars for unkept originality

permalink pretty standard for london that though!
the silver vaults looks cool.

I've drunk in that JDW. Although the Shakespeares Head on Kingsway was were I spent several hours when I worked in Holborn. That and the White Hart at the top of Drury Lane. That was a hole in the 90s.
permalink huzzah!
permalink i've met plenty of 11 year olds i'd gladly lock in a dungeon

(not in a fritzelly way)
permalink If you are doing the dungeon,
Borough Market is almost next door for lunch.
permalink natural history museaum
madame tussades,
the london dungeon

or the john soane museum is nice
a wander round borough market
go up st pauls, or the orbit, or the sky garden of cocktails at duck and waffle.

or a go on the dangleway

open top tour
permalink st paul's is a good idea
we did the science museum a few years ago, that was excitingly shoddy.
permalink the zoo is also good of course

the V&A is also worth a look.

or go to the pub
permalink I was thinking zoo (see above)
because if the weather was nice the park would be fun potentially. Madame Tussauds would just be creepy.
permalink Comedy suggestion:
permalink see, I'd also like that, but I'll never get anyone to agree to it
we went to the Dome earlier in the year, perfect opportunity you'd think. Not a chance.
permalink It's not very exciting.
And there's bugger all on the other side.
permalink we're country folk
all of your big london is exciting.
permalink the route 15 still runs old fashioned routemaster double decker buses and goes from st pauls
past big ben iirc.

permalink that would probably be pretty fun with just the child
or absolute hell on earth. hard to say.
permalink Both Tates.
White Cube too.
permalink I suspect a gallery won't hold much interest for the child, although I may be doing her a disservice
might take the wife down separately at some point though, we haven't done tate modern for years.
permalink wallace collection
wellcome collection
portobello / wanlthamstow / old spitalfields market
chiltern open air museum
v&a childhood museum
geffrye museum
(The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities)

child friendly with various locations eat at -
masala zone
stepney city farm
permalink cool, good list, ta.
Masala Zone, all over that.
permalink I am jealous
I wish I got food freebies.
permalink Good news everybody!
They've made the duty free maze in Gatwick North Terminal even longer and more twisty
permalink Meanwhile... now I finally get lunch.
Long morning. Which involved blasting up to B&Q at Tottenham Hale in a Zipcar to get about 40m of timber.

Driving in London is a frustrating pile of shit, isn’t it? I don’t often do it, and rarely around here (Old St).

Anyway. A quick burger and it’s time for some joinery.
permalink should have tried to do it in an uber
permalink had an interesting night yesterday
was heading home ready to go out with chums, when a random teenage girl next to me in the street had a massive seizure (literally like someone flicked an off switch, one second walking, the next a rigid plank) and faceplanted into the concrete, seriously injuring her face

spent the next 20 minutes sitting with her and on the phone with the emergency services as she passed in and out of consciousness and after seizures...then finally the ambulance arrived, paramedics took over and I wandered off home to wash off the blood and got to the restaurant just in time for cocktails. Which all felt a little surreal

poor lass, starting your weekend by discovering you're epileptic
permalink Oof, sounds familiar
How horrible, especially on the street. Well done you though.
permalink Blimey
Poor lass. But excellent first responding. Nice work.
permalink Kinnell, good job
you were around! Good work sah.
permalink Happened to a cow orker
Turned out not to be epilepsy but something called an Arnold Chiari malformation.
A fun condition where the brain tries to grow down the spinal column or some such!
permalink Well done!