thread giles works there, and is constantly moaning
about how most of their packaging is unreadable. (eg gold on yellow)

plus they keep forgetting to have any staff on the shop floor, but plenty in management.

but he does bring the occasional freebie home that is most excellent.

the insane amount of money they take is mind boggling, someone will stroll up to the till with a little gift box of 8 tea bags for £12 and say.. i need 50 of these and pay in cash.
permalink It's nuts.
My colleague who runs the Fortnum's jobs currently has a fortnums package the size and shape of a fucking milkchurn under his desk... in Fortnum turquoise. I haven't even looked to see what's in that.

We have eaten literally hundreds if not thousands of pounds of biscuits, chocolates, etc, etc...
permalink if you see an octagonal package of nuts in chocolate
about 40cm across.. rrp about £60

grab it and just run out of the building.... those were amazing.
permalink Mmm...
permalink No I don't.
permalink that's how bad their management is
they dont even tell people when they have employed people