thread Open top bus
Greenwich market
Boat down the Thames
London Dungeon
British Museum
permalink Dungeon, that's a good one.
probably be Jan/Feb, so indoors makes sense. Didn't specify that.
permalink Boat down the Thames
is also indoors. And you can drink on some of them IIRC.
permalink cool, ta, I'll keep them in mind
permalink I'm guessing you;re taking your mum
and your child as well maybe.
permalink oh yeah, family trek
it's going to be a massive ballache. I'd been thinking zoo, but that might be pretty brisk in (say) February, but then I guess it's entirely reliant one the weather all year round. we'd thought afternoon tea somewhere which is why F&N reminded me (not at those prices!). It probably doesn't really matter, and we'll be cabbing mostly to save walking, just went blank thinking about other options. Dungeon is a good idea, and it's by the aquarium, so maybe.
permalink I liked afternoon tea at Charlotte Street Hotel

Drinks in the restaurant bar at the Tate Modern gives you a good view of the Millenium Bridge and St Pauls

Zoo is massively expensive as well, not sure about the Dungeon - maybe keep an eye on Groupon.
permalink It seems you can also get afternoon tea in the Globe

which is right by the Tate Modern.
permalink How old is child?
That may be a constraint...
permalink I did of course read "how old is child?"
In the style of "how is babby formed?"
permalink Me too!
'How girl get pragnent?'
permalink 4, so it will be
but we've done it before and she'll behave enough for a non-very posh place. The whole thing is very vague so far, just need to start punting ideas about.
permalink Too young for the dungeon then...
They recommend 12+...

permalink fuck it, we'll just go to Ely!
I'd not got as far as looking properly, will have a proper research at the weekend.
permalink Go to Ely
Go down the pub with his Witchyness, all sorted!
permalink you can go to yeah olde mitre pub in holborn and
still be in ely parish.

permalink that looks like the sort of pub
I could get involved in.
permalink just avoid worktime lunches & going home time
as it's full of cunts
nearby is london silver vaults your mum might like that
also knights templar jdw nearby for grandness/child friendly &
The Seven Stars for unkept originality

permalink pretty standard for london that though!
the silver vaults looks cool.

I've drunk in that JDW. Although the Shakespeares Head on Kingsway was were I spent several hours when I worked in Holborn. That and the White Hart at the top of Drury Lane. That was a hole in the 90s.
permalink huzzah!
permalink i've met plenty of 11 year olds i'd gladly lock in a dungeon

(not in a fritzelly way)
permalink If you are doing the dungeon,
Borough Market is almost next door for lunch.