thread had an interesting night yesterday
was heading home ready to go out with chums, when a random teenage girl next to me in the street had a massive seizure (literally like someone flicked an off switch, one second walking, the next a rigid plank) and faceplanted into the concrete, seriously injuring her face

spent the next 20 minutes sitting with her and on the phone with the emergency services as she passed in and out of consciousness and after seizures...then finally the ambulance arrived, paramedics took over and I wandered off home to wash off the blood and got to the restaurant just in time for cocktails. Which all felt a little surreal

poor lass, starting your weekend by discovering you're epileptic
permalink Oof, sounds familiar
How horrible, especially on the street. Well done you though.
permalink Blimey
Poor lass. But excellent first responding. Nice work.
permalink Kinnell, good job
you were around! Good work sah.
permalink Happened to a cow orker
Turned out not to be epilepsy but something called an Arnold Chiari malformation.
A fun condition where the brain tries to grow down the spinal column or some such!
permalink Well done!