thread I rarely have strong urges to own things
But this is different

permalink That is rather swish
permalink Nah, french
But quite close to the border
permalink Badum
permalink Capitalist pigdog.
permalink I ordered a xiami redmi 6a for MrsJam
on Tino's advice. It's excellent. £75 from aliexpress, which included a case and screen protector, and then I was stung £12 on import duty (£8 of which was the post office charge for charging me £4).

The screen protector included this gem in the instructions:

permalink I do like it when
someone halds me lirmly
permalink hurray, let the instagramming begin!
( at least, that's what my gf does with her phone).
permalink peak
permalink Nah, maaaaate
This is peak Straya
permalink In my experience
permalink Ha ha
Holy fuck
permalink This.
permalink Meth
Hell of a drug
permalink There was something like that
in one of our local antiques emporium; cost £700
permalink Yeah they paid €900