thread I know some idiots doing this
sign up is today for any of you bicycle nerds.

I'll be sunning it up by the pool* whilst my brother and his mates go round, and maybe the boyfriend too.

Might be able to get you a spot on an airbed in a nice house if you want to join them.

*if I can get there especially if boyfriend is doing it.
permalink a slightly better link

That is considerably more lumpy and longer than I'd brave.

plus i'll have just finished cycling back from barcelona (if all goes to plan) so would struggle to justifiy it....

EDIT: oh i see there is a shorter version.. still not easy.
permalink there's 3 distances
the FUCKING HELL (different start point) 312
the OOF but I'll push for it but might not make it 225
and the final, oops I got cut off by the passing car to divert us on the short route. 167
permalink I'll come for the
AAAaahhh short pedal to the mercado then sangria by the pool plz
permalink perfect
might have to have a party over there some day... :D
permalink I don't currently have the certainty
to think of that sort of thing. It does look amazing/mental
permalink I bet that would be fun
but I am absolutely never doing that sort of distance again.

I do need a holiday though.
permalink That looks pretty cool
Not that I've been on a bike in years...
permalink Are win10 keys in the bios now?
permalink EFI BIOS yes.
Have been for years. The distinction between BIOS as 'separate entity that sets up the bones of the machine to let you run an OS' and 'actually part of the OS' got blurred a long while back.
permalink So I can download win10 and stick it on a clean

I've got a 120GB SSD in this laptop and want a bigger one without having to faff on moving my install over.
permalink Most SSDs come with
tools to let you copy old to new with little faff apart from the time it takes, assuming you have a USB-SATA adapter kicking around. I use drive cloning on a separate box so I've never had to think about licencing.
permalink I know this one
google it, there's a way to find it out, I have to do it!

Or that might have been office and something else. so, yes or possibly no.
permalink what if i just want to watch
and throw sharp things on the road ;)