thread I was at my desk before 7am today,
because we had a flap at end of play last night, and we needed to get a set of preset drawings and calcs issued onto Aconex by 9am. The engineer responsible 'forgot' to come in early too, though he'd agreed to, and didn't arrive till 9:30. He then ignored my emails and didn't get the markups back to me until nearly 11am, by which time the rest of the design team were giving us a *very* hard time about it.

Basically, we're the best performing company on this job, by a million fucking kilometres, so any time we make the slightest error, the rest of them, especially BD fucking P, come down on us like a tonne of cunting bricks.
permalink we had half of a conference call not turn up yesterday
due in part to the clocks changing and the US guys not getting the update.

It was actually more productive if anything

in other news, 2 nights in new york next week, flying direct (with air india tho. )
permalink I'm rather assuming that Air India is shit
I wouldn't know though... never flown them.
permalink this is my expectation
but I'll take shit air india over half decent travel via chicago / kiev/ orlando / all the other options.

also it might not be full.. and it's a dreamliner which is pretty new and i probably get a curry

permalink Dreamliners are lovely.
Very unlikely to fall apart, even under Air India.
permalink their choice if fabrics and carpets leaves a lot to be desired though
permalink I"d have thought that about a
Until last week.

But then Indonesian airline mechanics have never had a great reputation.
permalink All my Indian colleagues told me to avoid like the plague
There’s a reason their business class is a grand cheaper than anyone else’s
permalink i'm not in buisness class.
I'll bring my own sandiwches... and parachute.