thread Guessing Premier Inn are doing well?
they're proposing building a new hotel at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge, about 600m from their existing new hotel on Newmarket Road.
permalink They're clustering all over the place
Edinburgh has what feels like hundreds of the fuckers now.
permalink the existing premier inn
is opposite a Travelodge, which is opposite a site now ear marked for an Easy Hotel (the Travelodge is on a corner)
permalink kinell, do people
actually stay in those things given the absolute clusterfuck of roads coupled with crap public transport in that part of town?
permalink it's £115 to stay next wedensday.. so yes.
the Holiday inn express, out in the arse end of town near the 'airport' is £179

permalink That Express
Is in an extraordinarily grim location. Needs to be seen to be believed. Part of the old cement works and rubbish tip site, next door to a grim warehouse of a David Lloyd gym/tennis centre and just across from the Booker Cash & Carry. No public transport nearby, but does have a cycleway to the outer end of Mill Road
permalink At least the Newmarket Road
hotels are a minute or two from the riverside and do have an every-ten-minutes bus into town.
permalink That Express
site is identical to most other out-of-town Expresses the country over, at least the ones I've been to. Identikit-could-by-anywhere type places.
permalink not a bad hotel though and if you need to park in cambridge there isn't much choice

permalink since they are all managed by the same people (not fanchises like IHG etc)
they can cluster them as close as they like as there is no worry about competing with themselves on price.

Towns like cambridge have huge demand, and it's almost impossible to find sites there.