thread it's £115 to stay next wedensday.. so yes.
the Holiday inn express, out in the arse end of town near the 'airport' is £179

permalink That Express
Is in an extraordinarily grim location. Needs to be seen to be believed. Part of the old cement works and rubbish tip site, next door to a grim warehouse of a David Lloyd gym/tennis centre and just across from the Booker Cash & Carry. No public transport nearby, but does have a cycleway to the outer end of Mill Road
permalink At least the Newmarket Road
hotels are a minute or two from the riverside and do have an every-ten-minutes bus into town.
permalink That Express
site is identical to most other out-of-town Expresses the country over, at least the ones I've been to. Identikit-could-by-anywhere type places.
permalink not a bad hotel though and if you need to park in cambridge there isn't much choice